My WrestleMania Weekend Report, Part 1: Thursday

I’ve decided to post 3 separate reports chronicling my adventures throughout WrestleMania weekend. This first report will cover Thursday, April 4, where I attended three different events in three different boroughs of New York City.

This would be the first time I tackled something of this magnitude alone as Jenna, my lovey girlfriend of 6 years, was working Thursday and Friday and I decided to spare her the intensity of Saturday (and waking up early Sunday morning). I did have my pal Eric for the majority of the weekend and I just wanted to thank him for his friendship and the help he provided!

So, up first:

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An exhausting weekend is over

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for about a year and now it’s come and gone.

It started on Thursday with Evolve 125 and ended just moments ago at Markout at the Meadowlands. My feet hurt – a lot! – but boy oh boy was it worth it.

The plan is to post a few reports (around 3) over the next few days. There’s a lot to unpack but the short version: I thought WrestleCon was incredibly well run and I managed to score some great deals throughout the weekend.

Talk to you guys in a bit!

– Anthony (ICW)

Wrestlecon confirms Dragon Gate cancelation, issue detailed statement

Wrestlecon has confirmed that the Dragon Gate talent will no longer be appearing at their convention and have released a detailed statement via Twitter:

While this is an unfortunate circumstance, kudos to Wrestlecon for their transparency with their customers. Again, they are doing all that they can and still have a fantastic lineup despite some cancelations.

Wrestlecon cancelations: Sting pulled by WWE, Ron Simmons now Saturday only; Dragon Gate talent out?

Photo via

Let’s do a quick rundown of some important WrestleCon guest cancellations:

Sting was pulled from WrestleCon by the WWE. WrestleCon issues the following statement:


Fingers crossed! Wrestlecon is doing all they can to make this work and here’s hoping they can pull off a minor miracle.

Ron Simmons was pulled from his Friday WrestleCon appearance, meaning the Nation of Domination photo op is NOT happening. Simmons is still scheduled for Saturday (for now):

Finally, the Dragon Gate guys are now listed as cancelled on theirĀ Detailed Schedule:

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 1.47.52 PM

We are currently awaiting word as to why.

I know cancelations are frustrating but Wrestlecon is still putting out one hell of a lineup and I cannot wait for Friday and Saturday.