Remembering Mean Gene Okerlund

Remembering an icon

In my humble opinion, there are very few “icons” of professional wrestling. The term is used a little too loosely and only an elite few can truly be labeled “icons” of the professional wrestling industry.

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is certainly one of them.

I was born in 1991 and missed Okerlund’s prime. I knew him as the interviewer for WCW and, later, as the host of WWE Confidential. It was until years later when I broke out of the WWE bubble and expanded my professional wrestling viewing and was introduced to the brilliance that was Mean Gene.

Okerlund was always a bright-spot of those mid-to-late 80s WWF broadcasts. He was someone who demanded attention and respect — and he was particularly great with Hulk Hogan. Hell, you don’t have to be a mega fan of pro wrestling to have heard “Well let me tell ya somethin’, Mean Gene!” 

I first met Okerlund in June of 2016 at the Legends of the Ring convention in Monroe, NJ. Okerlund was incredibly nice and, of course, asked if my girlfriend was my sister before giving her a friendly wink.

I was fortunate enough to meet a couple of old times and he always incredibly nice. I observed him at the hotel bar the night before a couple of Big Event conventions and I was amazed how everyone gravitated towards him. All the wrestlers wanted to have a drink with Mean Gene.

Rest in peace, Mean Gene. Thanks for the memories.

2018 Year-In Review, Part V: Top 10 Autographs and Photo Ops


Today is New Year’s Eve and the countdown to 2019 has begun. Here’s hoping that we all have a happy and healthy New Year.

Over the past few days, I’ve posted a Year-In Review series and you can catch up month-by-month here:

Part I: January – March

Part II: April – June

Part III: July – September

Part IV: October – December

And, as promised, today I will reveal my Top 10 favorite Autographs and Photo Ops from 2018. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to post yours in the comments!

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2018 Year In Review, Part III: July – September

Part 3 of our series covers the months of July – September…and I did absolutely nothing the first and last months covered in this post. Bummer!

However, I had a pretty fun August – thanks to Summerslam weekend. Check it out.


Another month that was absolutely dry for me. Boo. But can August make up for it…?


The answer to the question above: Yeah. Actually, oh hell yeah!

August started with another Wrestling Universe signing! Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Melina stopped by the wrestling haven and both could not have been any nicer!


Highlights include:  I made a comment that Arn Anderson probably has the worst autograph. Smith immediately went into a hilarious impression of Double A that had Melina and I dying of laughter. Smith and I took two photo ops: a normal photo op and one where he’s doing the 4 Horsemen sign in honor of Double A!

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Summerslam weekend was in full affect and I was busy as ever. Mella Money, Hakushi, Miz & Maryse, and…Mike Rome?!?!


Highlights include: Managing to get Mike Rome’s autograph mere minutes before the start of the NXT Pre-Show!

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Part 3 started and ends with a whole lotta nothing. Whoops.

And that’s a wrap for July – September. Check back tomorrow for October – December, which will cover the time I met The Face that Runs the Place

2018 Year In Review, Part I: January – March

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So earlier today, I announced that my year end review was incoming. Well, slight change of plans…

Today is Part 1 of my year end review! This post will cover the months of January – March. Here’s what else to expect:

  • December 28th: April – June
  • December 29th: July – September
  • December 30th: October – December
  • December 31st…

On December 31st – New Years Eve! – I will reveal my Top 10 Photo Ops and Top 10 Autographs of 2018. Deal?

Well let’s get to it…

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