Can’t make Legends of the Ring 29 this Saturday? The Wrestling Universe has you covered

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The Wrestling Universe – the haven of the wrestling action figures from every era imaginable – is no stranger to hosting epic meet & greets and this weekend is no exception.

A good chunk of guests scheduled for Legends of the Ring 29, which is being held this Saturday at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Monroe, NJ, will also be appearing at the Wrestling Universe on either Friday evening or Sunday afternoon.

Butch Reed and his former manager, Theodore Long, will be appearing at the Universe on Friday from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.

Sunday will feature 10 wrestling talents: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, The Pope (F.K.A. Elijah Burke), WWE’s Sarah Schreiber & Nigel McGuinness, Alicia Atout, Bill Alfonso, Adam Bomb, Rebel, Renee Michelle, and Rosa Mendnes. You can pre-order tickets here.

Evolve announces Meet & Greet with NXT stars – including Walter


Evolve 135
Saint Finbar Catholic Church Gym
1839 Bath Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11214Belltime: 8:00 PM


Evolve 136
La Boom
56-15 Northern Blvd
Woodside, NY 11377
Belltime – 6:00 PM EDT

EVOLVE returns to Brooklyn, NY (St. this Friday and Queens, NY this Saturday. You can get tickets heres:

Evolve 135

Evolve 136

From Evolve’s WWN Newsletter:

This weekend’s EVOLVE events will feature Meet & Greets with the following NXT Superstars:

-NXT UK Champion WALTER:
-Kassius Ohno
-Johnny Gargano
-Tommaso Ciampa
-Candice LeRae
-Arturo Ruas
-EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory

The Meet & Greets will begin when doors open for each event. They will continue after each event. Pricing info can be found in the Shop. Here is some of the special merchandise available:

-You get an 8×10 free with an autograph purchase. You are also able to have the NXT Superstars autograph any item you bring.

-New York City was the location of one of the greatest moments in NXT History when Johnny Gargano won the NXT Championship. We have these exclusive, framable 8x10s featuring the closing scene with Gargano, his wife Candice LeRae and best friend Tommaso Ciampa. You have the opportunity to get all three of them to autograph these 8x10s this weekend at EVOLVE in NYC. This could be your only chance to get all three signatures! This is sure to be a collector’s item.

-EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory is signed to WWE and training at the WWE Performance Center. HE will be in EVOLVE as long as he is EVOLVE Champion. This means that this Saturday in Queens, NY could be his last show in the intimate confines of independent wrestling. This could be your last chance to get his picture and autograph. We are very excited to offer this exclusive Austin Theory 8×10. This is the first Austin Theory merchandise to feature the NXT logo. He could main event Wrestlemania one day! This is your chance to get his first merchandise.

-You will also have an opportunity to meet members of the EVOLVE roster. Pricing and merchandise items are determined by the individual EVOLVE star. Information will be available at their merch tables.

-The WWN Merch Table will have official NXT shirts for Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, Matt Riddle and Undisputed Era.

-The WWN Merch Table will also have all the latest Blu-rays, DVDs, shirts and new items, including the EVOLVE track jacket and EVOLVE hoodie. All ticket holders get a discount at the WWN Merch Table. Ringside ticket holders have a $10 credit. GA ticket holders have a $5 merch credit. Please note that merch credits must be used at the event that night and cannot be combined. Thank you for all your support!

Pricing info:
Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, Kassius Ohno, Candice LeRae, & Walter: Each $20/$20/$30 with additional autographs at $15

Arturo Ruas, Babatunde, & Austin Theory: Each $15/$15/$20 with additional autographs at $10

Attending the East Coast National

Does the end justify the means?

That’s a big question that most (if not all) of us face in this hobby. Should I shell out hundreds of dollars for a 5 second photo op with an A-lister? Should I spend my entire day and night in airports or hotel lobbies to score that big photo op or autograph I need on my piece? Do I travel across the state to attend that big time convention?

Do I dare purchase photo ops from B.G. Entertainment at these sports shows?

That’s the question I’ve come to ask myself every single time a New York Yankee is booked for MAB’s Pinstripe Parade or JP Sports & Rock Solid Promotions. We’ve all heard horror stories – or perhaps actually experienced those horror stories. But I have to be honest here: I’ve never had a poor experience with B.G. Entertainment. Are their photo ops perfect? No. Do I particularly care if they’re perfect? I honestly don’t. My personal criteria for a good photo op: no blurriness, no heads digitally cutoff, and (hopefully) I look presentable. That’s it.

So by that criteria that I’ve set for myself, B.G. Entertainment hasn’t really let me down; in fact, the Sopranos group shot I took earlier this year is among my favorite photo ops ever. They came through.

And if we’re talking strictly about the outcome of the photo ops…they came through again, in my eyes. The Sabathia shot is one of my favorites. But the entire process? That’s a whole other story this time around. There was one point in the evening where I sat down and asked myself, “Does the end justify the means?” Let’s see what my answer was…

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Meeting the BamTino

A few weeks ago, StubHub announced a free signing with former Yankees first baseman Tino Martinez at their NYC location. I was fortunate enough to grow up during the Yankees last dynasty (World Champs in 1996; 1998-2000 plus a World Series appearance in 2001). There’s no question that the BamTino was a huge reason for New York’s success in the late 90s and was one of my favorite Yankees growing up.

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The Wrestling Universe to host Great Muta, Harley Race, & WWE announcers this Sunday

The Wrestling Universe is hosting yet another major signing this Sunday — and it’s headlined by Japanese icon The Great Muta and one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots in Harley Race:

Meet Japanese Legend The Great Muta Sun June 9th From 11-2PM SIGNED ITEM (TICKETS NOT MAILED)Meet WWE Hall Of Famer Harley Race Sun June 9th From 11-2PM COMBO (TICKETS NOT MAILED)

Both will be appearing from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Race is a $40 combo while Muta will cost $30 for one autograph or one photo op.

Meet Former WWE Superstar Tenille Dashwood (Formerly known as Emma) Sun June 9th from 12-2PM COMBO TICKET (TICKETS NOT MAILED)

Additionally, Tennille Dashwood – formerly known as Emma in the WWE – will be appearing with a combo price as $40. But that’s not at all!

Meet Dasha (aka Dasha Fuentes) Sun June 9th from 12-2PM COMBO TICKET (TICKETS NOT MAILED)Meet The Voice of 205 Live Vic Joseph Sun June 9th from 12-2PM COMBO TICKET (TICKETS NOT MAILED)Meet Monday Night Raw Announcer Mike Rome Sun June 9th from 12-2PM COMBO TICKET (TICKETS NOT MAILED)

Former WWE announcer Dasha Fuentes will reunite with current WWE announcers Vic Joseph and Mike Rome! Each are a $30 combo.


Legends of the Ring 28 & Wrestling Universe Report!

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Can’t make Legends of the Ring this Saturday? Wrestling Universe to host a mini-convention of their own on Sunday – and they have one BIG exclusive guest

Legends of the Ring will host their 28th show from the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Monroe, NJ, this Saturday and, as usual, they’ve booked a very strong lineup of guests.

If you can’t make Legends of the Ring, though, there’s another opportunity to meet and greet several guests booked for the New Jersey convention on Sunday, June 2, at the Wrestling Universe from 3:00 – 5:00 PM. The following guests are scheduled to appear:

  • Billy Jack Haynes ($30 combo)
  • Disco Inferno ($30 combo)
  • Jimmy Hart ($30 combo)
  • KENTA ($30 combo)
  • Godfather ($40 combo)
  • Scott Hall ($50 combo)

They’re also hosting an exclusive meet and greet with Japanese legend the Great Sasuke!

Meet Japanese Legend The Great Sasuke Sun June 2nd from 3:30-5:30PM COMBO TICKET (TICKETS NOT MAILED)

The Great Sasuke will NOT be appearing at LOTR, so you’ll only have one chance to meet an extremely rare name!

You can pre-order tickets to meet these guests by visiting their official website.