Jimmy Hart signing

Jimmy signing his entries in the WWE Encyclopedia, Volume II.
Jimmy signing his entries in the WWE Encyclopedia, Volume II.

Hey now.

First off, I want to give a sincere shoutout to the Wrestling Universe located in Flushing, Queens. It seems like they always have autograph signings at least once a week and the store itself is absolute heaven for wrestling fans, especially collectors. Their store is jam packed with action figures (moc and loose), dvds, and various memorabilia. Their owner also runs Impact Championship Wrestling, who are having two shows June 26th and 27th. You can visit wrestlinguniverseonline.com for my info.

Anyways, yesterday night the Wrestling Universe held a duel autograph signing of Jimmy Hart and Rockstar Spud. I passed on Spud because I already pre-ordered a combo ticket for his appearance at Legends of the Ring.

The signing starting started at 7:00 PM but I arrived at 7:44 (traffic SUCKS). There was a small line which absolutely sucked for me because I really needed to leave for my cousin’s birthday party (thus why I’m all dressy). Hart was TERRIFIC. Easily one of the nicest wrestlers I’ve ever met. He was so engaging and he genuinely seemed happy to be there. He asked me where I was from, who my favorite wrestler was, and invited me to Hulk Hogan’s restaurant down in Florida. Just incredibly engaging and welcoming.

Jimmy and I
Jimmy and I

So, go meet Jimmy Hart if you ever have the chance. He’s every bit as awesome as he seems (and then some). Plus, you’ll get to hold one of his infamous megaphones!

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