Meeting the Brain

Saturday, March 14, 2015.

I strode into the LaGuardia Plaza hotel for the very first time with my lovely girlfriend, Jenna, at my side. There was a long yet orderly line in the lobby. Staffers from the Big Event were handing out tickets to those who pre-ordered. Soon after, the line broke off with everyone darting straight into the main vendor room where wrestlers from all eras awaited them.

Instead, I made a beeline for a table stationed in the lobby. K&S Wrestlefest, one of the premier vendors in the wrestling convention game, were advertising appearances from some major names: “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko, the Bullet Club trio of the Young Bucks & AJ Styles…

But none of those names were bigger than Bobby ‘the Brain’ Heenan.

I purchased an autograph ticket to meet ‘the Brain.’ He was currently en-route to the convention, so I went off to meet the likes of Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, the Dudley Boyz, and more.

After a frenzied hour or two in a sea of humanity, my girlfriend and I fought our way back to the lobby. I was panicked.

Bobby Heenan was nowhere to be seen.

After re-checking the jam-packed vendor room, I came to believe that Heenan had cancelled his appearance.

Thankfully, I was wrong.

I spotted him sitting in the back corner of the lobby with one person on his line, a far cry from the dozens and dozens of people I expected to be on his line.


I approach  his table and I put my WWE Encyclopedia down and say, “Mr. Heenan it’s such an honor to meet you, would you mind signing this?.” He says something under his breath but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. “What was that?, Mr. Heenan?” He points to a stack of 8x10s on his table. “You’re only signing your 8x10s?” Heenan again says something while pointing to his 8x10s, only this time he’s pointing more empathetically at it. “I don’t understand, Mr…”

Suddenly Zbyszko, who was sitting next to him, says, “He wants you to call him Bobby, kid! Not Mr. Heenan!” Then I realized Heenan was pointing to his name that was printed on the 8x10s. I go, “Oh sorry, Mr. Heenan!” and he just throws his arms up and rolls his eyes at me before signing my encyclopedia.

I was a mere humanoid amongst the Brain.


Rest in Peace, Bobby. Thanks for the memories.




I’ll be back tomorrow

Hey guys,

Quick note: the blog will be back in full swing tomorrow. I’ll have up a personal story of meeting Bobby ‘the Brain’ Heenan, a report on a recent Wrestling Universe signing, and maybe some older reports on meeting Jinder Mahal and Chris Jericho during SummerSlam week. Also, some thoughts on the Legends of the Ring and Big Event lineups.

Playing Catchup: Big Event, LOTR guest announcements

Let’s get right to this. First, Big Event guest announcements:


  • TMART announced that Ultimo Dragon has cancelled. However…


  • Jacques & Raymond Rougeau and Carl Ouellet (Pierre) have been added as replacements! Jacques & Raymond are better known as the legendary Fabulous Rougeau Brothers tag team while Jaques and Ouellet teamed as the Quebecers.


  • Wendi Ritcher has been added by Scott Wilder Promotions Fan City Sports


  • King Kong Bundy was added by RDP Promotions 

As for LOTR…


  • Ken Patera, Francine and Bill DeMott were added to the Superticket
  • Per LOTR themselves: “Tickets for ala carte and extra superticket talent will drop this labor day 5.00 off each item on base orders over 100.00. Expect to have completed lineup by monday”

Details for tonight’s Jinder Mahal signing

I just picked up my wristband from the Stubhub store to meet the WWE Champion himself…Jinder Mahal. I still cannot believe he’s Champ but, hey, that’s the wrasslin’ business for you. Jinder seems like a really nice guy and I’m super happy for him. Anyways, here are the details for tonight’s signing:

  • Wristbands are being distributed NOW at the StubHub store, located right on the corner of W39th and Broadway. The wristbands are numbered and limited to 300 (I’m number 79).
  • Lineup begins at 6:00 PM; signing starts at 7:30 PM
  • Jinder will sign one item – your own item or a “mat” provided by StubHub/WWE – and will take one photo on YOUR camera

See you guys tonight!

Meeting a Lass Kicker

This was a “game time decision.” I start work at 10:00 AM, which is the time Barnes and Noble on Warren St. opened and the time they would start distributing wristbands with the purchase of this new WWE Graphic novel. I decided to pack my WM 32 Program and see if I could pick up a wristband during lunch and, much to my delight, I was able to score a wristband!

The signing started at 6, which is when I get off work, so I was going to be about 15 minutes late. A friend of mine made it before I did and told me there was hardly any line, which was sort of surprising. He was actually inside the store before 5:30! Becky got there early to do some promotional stuff for WWE, which had a camera crew with them.

I got to the store around 6:15, went inside, and was directed to the back corner of the store which was kinda hidden from the rest of the store. Security checked my wristband and directed me to the line, which was MUCH shorter than I expected. I’d say there was about 150ish people in front of me?

Anyway, the line went fairly slow because Becky was taking time with everyone. By the time I got to her, it was just after 8:10. She couldn’t have been any nicer! She truly was one of my favorite meets. She signed the comic and my WM 32 Program, took a pic (she leaned over for everyone), and I was out the store by 8:14.

Stress free signings are the best and this was a no-brainer signing. I HIGHLY doubt they even managed to draw the 300 people, which is kinda surprising.

Up next: Jinder!



Details for tonight’s Becky Lynch signing

I just stopped off at the Barnes and Noble on 97 Warren Street in Manhattan, NY, and picked up a copy of  BOOM’s WWE Volume 1 Graphic Novel. You get a wristband to meet Becky Lynch with the purchase of this book. Included was a flyer with all of the info you’ll need IF you are participating with this event:



  • We are only able to distribute one writstband per customer. You cannot purchase books or pick up extra wristbands for your friends unless they are present with you. If you are a parent/guardian: you may purchase the number of books equal to the number of minors you are attending the event with, and will receive wristbands for them as well as yourself
  • Once you get your wristband feel free to explore the city! We will start bringing fans inside the store to line up at 4 PM. If you would like to line up beforehand, please do so on Warren Street. We cannot accommodate everyone inside the store before 4 PM.
  • Talent will sign one additional item. This can be either another copy of the book, or a piece of memorabilia. Please chose one or the other.
  • There will be a bookseller or member of the publishing team helping to take lean-over the table shots of fans with Becky. Due to the number of fans expected, we cannot stop for posed photos. Please have your camera or cellphone out and ready to pass off to a team member. We have been asked that no video be recorded.