TWO New Names Announced for LOTR XXI Super Ticket!

Hey now!

Two new names have been announced for the LOTR XXI Super Ticket; a few days ago, Vickie Guerrero and Lacey Von Erich were announced as the first two “Super Ticket” guests. So, who’s joining them?

That’s right! The USA Express will join the Super Ticket line up for LOTR XXI! Couple of quick notes:

-MZ promotions brought in Mike Rotunda as a vendor guest during the Big Event VIII and his combo price was a hefty $50. For those who passed/missed him at Big Event, here’s your opportunity to get a Rotunda autograph at $15-$20.

-Barry Windham is also a vendor guest at Big Event courtesy of TMART Promotions (more on their incredible Big Event deal later). If you can’t get Barry for some reason, he’ll be available about a month and change later during the Big Event (although I imagine the crowd will be more hectic as he’s strictly a vendor’s guest).

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