Details on Chyna’s Upcoming Appearances at LOTR XXI & Big Event IX!

Hey now.

So it seems like the “Ninth Wonder of the World” will be a busy gal through the end of the year. She made an appearance at EternalCon just last week and is now booked to appear at the Legends of the Ring fan fest in October and the Big Event in November.  It appears mid-to-late-2015 will be the time to get your Chyna memorabilia signed!

As noted earlier, the good folks at Legends of the Ring have begun to sell VIP meet and greet tickets and they’re nearly all sold out:

I assume those five tickets will sell very quickly, if they haven’t already. Only 100 were made available, so this truly a VIP ticket. Hopefully you snatched up that deal!

If you did’t…fear not! The Big Event has released pricing info for Chyna’s appearance at their convention:

$30 combo for Chyna is $10 LESS than LOTR’s VIP ticket. Interesting! And it doesn’t appear to be limited to a pre-determined amount of people so this seems like the best deal available.

I met Chyna last week and she was VERY nice so I recommend you crazies go out and meet her at either event!

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