Crazy Autograph Signing Week Kicks Off Tonight at the Wrestling Universe!

Hey now.

This is going to be one wild ride. Next Saturday, Ring of Honor will be hosting Field of Honor ’15 from MCU Park in Brooklyn, NY while NXT hosts a Takeover event at the sold out Barclays Center for the very first time. Oh, Summerslam will be held inside that very arena the very next night. And Monday Night RAW the night after that.

It’s a good time to be a wrestling fan, especially if you’re lucky enough to live close to all the action. And, luckily, I am.

While I’m very excited to attend Field of Honor ’15, I can’t help but think about an amazing opportunity coming my way. A plethora of autograph signings – most of them to kick off Summerslam weekend – are happening and it starts tonight at The Wrestling Universe. The schedule is insane and I won’t be getting much sleep but I think it’ll be very worth it in the end. Here’s what it looks like:

August 14th Shelton Benjamin @ The Wrestling Universe ($25.00 combo)

August 16th – Gunner ($25.00 combo) & Samuel Shaw ($20.00 combo) @ The Wrestling Universe

August 19th – Charlotte, Ryback, Fandango, and Eva Marie ($10.00 total; no posed pics) @ MCU Park

August 20th – Seth Rollins & Paige ($30.00 total) @ Toys R Us Times Square; Kevin Owens ($26.00 total) @ Hot Topic in Garden State Plaza

August 22nd: King Kong Bundy ($25.00 combo) @ The Collector’s Realm in Dutchess Marketplace; Kimber Lee & JT Dunn ($20.00 combo) @ The Wrestling Universe; Field of Honor Autograph Signing (Names to be announced)

So yes…this is absolute insanity. But come on! Look at those prices! Couple of thoughts:

  • I’m eager to meet Shelton Benjamin. I’ve heard many great things about him and I look forward to adding his signatures to three entries in the Encyclopedia (Shelton Benjamin, Momma Benjamin, & World’s Greatest Tag Team). The Universe considers the Encyclopedia to be 1 item, so they don’t charge for talent to sign extra entries. That’s why they’re the best.
  • I look forward to meeting Gunner and Samuel Shaw, both of whom will sign their entries in the TNA Program, Vol. 7
  • $10.00 to meet an insanely over Women’s Wrestler, the Intercontinental Champion, and two other WWE “Superstars?” Yeah, that’s a no brainer even if they won’t allow posed pictures.
  • $30.00 to meet an insanely over Women’s Wrestling and the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion?!? Steal of the century?!?
  • After the Rollins/Paige signing, I’ll be headed to the Garden State Plaza for an unbelievably cheap Kevin Owens signing. They haven’t said anything about posed photos but I’m hoping for the best. I’m also concerned because I have nothing for him to sign as “Kevin Owens” other than his three t-shirts. I do, however, have stuff for him to sign as “Kevin Steen” and I hope that’ll be allowed.
  • Can’t wait to meet King Kong Bundy. FIVE!
  • I’m not sure if I’ll make the Kimber Lee & JT Dunn signing but I’ll try.
  • Also, the Universe is having the APA in that day from 5:30 until line completion! EXCELLENT chance to clean up on Encyclopedia signatures. I’ll be at Coney Island and, thus, missing this signing 😦
  • PLEASEEEEEEE have the NJPW talent sign before the show, ROH! I need to meet Shinsuke Nakamura!!!

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