Meeting Ryback & Charlotte at MCU Park in Brooklyn, NY

Hey now.

Unfortunately, the journey began with a shitshow of an autograph signing. The WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback, Charlotte, Eva Marie, & Fandango would be signing free autographs during the Brooklyn Cyclones ballgame. The price of admission? $10.00! Despite this being a very long trip via public transportation and a “no posed photos” policy, I figured this was a no brainer.

I was wrong.

Before the signing, it was announced that the foursome would be split into two separate signings: Ryback & Charlotte would be signing along the Left Field side while Eva Marie & Fandango would be signing along the Right Field side. Essentially, you were forced to pick which two you wanted because it was HIGHLY unlikely you’d somehow manage to get through both lines.

I arrived at MCU Park shortly before the gates were scheduled to be open and saw a group of people huddled outside one of the gates. What I then saw was literally jaw dropping. There was a mass of humanity that seemingly never ended. Turns out, MCU Park was tracking its 4,000,000 fan and they felt everyone entering through one gate was the best method to accurately track this lucky (or unlucky) bastard.

Surprisingly, the line went EXTREMELY quickly. I was admitted into the ballpark after roughly a 10-15 minute wait and I immediately made a beeline toward the Ryback & Charlotte line…and was blown away with how long it was. Luckily, I had a decent spot in line – towards the end of the beginning of the line (if that makes sense lol).

The line to meet Charlotte and Ryback.
The line to meet Charlotte and Ryback.

This picture is timestamped at 5:52 PM. Ryback and Charlotte were stationed on the right side of the bathroom building.
RANT time: The foursome were participating in a pre-game celebrity softball game. Really? You know 99% of the people showed up to meet them, not seem them play in a stupid softball game. You really couldn’t have the signing start during this game? Also, they had all four of them throw out the first pitch – individually! I’ve been to a million baseball games in my life and I’ve never seen a team allow four or five different people throw out the first pitch one after the other. It’s usually at the same time. But nope.

Here’s the other thing: Ryback and Charlotte didn’t start signing until well after 7:30 PM! How could they be 30 minutes late?!? THEY’RE IN THE BALLPARK!!!!!

Charlotte & Ryback with fans
Charlotte & Ryback with fans

This photo was timestamped at 8:10 PM, roughly five minutes before I met them. After a painfully long time of waiting, it was finally my turn and they couldn’t have been any nicer. You could tell they were both exhausted but they were beyond nice.

Afterward, I made my way to the Eva Marie/Fandango line hoping for a miracle…and was promptly turned away by a guard who said they cut off the line. I managed to talk my way into the line…and they pulled Eva Marie & Fandango soon after. People were FURIOUS. Apparently Fandango and Eva Marie were taking pictures and that slowed the line down considerably. I was too tired to care about missing out on them.

I saw a group of pals outside the V.I.P. and Media entrance. They were waiting for the foursome to exit and it was a good call.

Ryback, Charlotte, Eva Marie, and Fandango leaving MCU Park
Ryback, Charlotte, Eva Marie, and Fandango leaving MCU Park

Fandango ignored everyone, Charlotte and Ryback waved, and Eva Marie signed two or three autographs. There was an incident involving a stupid ass guard THROWING a special needs guy to the ground. It got really ugly.

So…shit show indeed. Not good. Here’s what I had signed:

Charlotte autograph in "WWE Ultimate Superstar Guide"
Charlotte autograph in “WWE Ultimate Superstar Guide”
Rybback autograph under "Skip Sheffield" entry in "WWE Encyclopedia, Vol. 2"
Rybback autograph under “Skip Sheffield” entry in “WWE Encyclopedia, Vol. 2”

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