JCW Pre-Orders for Big Event IX Guests On Sale Now!

Hey now.

JCW – or Game Changer Wrestling? – have revealed their prices for their three guests at Big Event IX:

Brain Busters Combo – $75.00

Brain Buster Photo Op – $40.00

Brain Buster Autographs – $40.00

Arn Anderson Photo Op – $25.00

Arn Anderson Autograph – $25.00

Tully Blanchard Photo Op – $25.00

Tully Blanchard Autograph – $25.00

Ricky Steamboat Combo – $40.00

Ricky Steamboat Photo Op – $25.00

Ricky Steamboat Autograph – $25.00

You can get a photo op with Arn/Tully/Barry/J.J. for $75.00 thanks to TMART Promotions.

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets for Arn/Tully/Steamboat

CLICK HERE to purchase Four Horseman Photo Op tickets

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