Meeting ECIII & Matt Striker at The Wrestling Universe

Hey now.

This past Saturday, I made the short trip from Penn Station to Auburndale to attend the ECIII/Matt Striker signing at The Wrestling Universe. The signing was scheduled for 11:00 AM; I arrived at around 10:50 AM and found a small line of three or four people waiting outside the store.

Turns out, Matt Striker was running late. He showed up exactly 10 minutes later and they started letting people into the store…but the line came to a halt. Why? Matt ran back to his car to retrieve his luggage.

Matt quickly came back and the signing continued. The three or four people in front of me where in and out and, before I knew it, I was up next. ECIII and Striker were situated together – not separated – in the back room. That room is unbelievably small and the lighting is not very good (as my photo op will show). Plus, three employees were in there too (one collectiing tickets, one taking photo with my camera, & one taking photo with their camera).

Anyways, both guys were very cool. Striker signed his entry in the WWE Encyclopedia and was selling Lucha Underground t-shirts. We also discussed the Yankees tanking at the worst possible time. Ugh.

ECIII signed his profile in the TNA Program, Vol. 7 (2014). He then signed his entry in the WWE Encyclopedia as Derrick Bateman. When I presented it to him he said, “Ahh…Bateman.” He signed it, albeit a little reluctantly. Striker commented, “It’s nice of you to sign as that. What are you writing?” Turns out, ECIII signed “Derrick Bateman USA.”

After that, it was photo op time. I couldn’t get behind the table and there was really nowhere to go other than standin the middle. I’m a tall guy (6’5) and I kinda blocked Matt Striker (he said, “Let me get around because you won’t be able to see me”).

The photo was okay. It would’ve been better with better lighting. ECIII posed with the TNA World Heavyweight Title, which was originally slung on top of his gym bag.

Good guys, good autographs, meh photo. I can’t complain, especially for their prices ($20.00 combos).

"Derrick Bateman" autograph
“Derrick Bateman” autograph
ECIII Autograph
ECIII Autograph signed “ECIII The Champ 7/11/15 – Forever” 
Matt Striker autograph
Matt Striker autograph
ECIII, Matt Striker & I
ECIII, Matt Striker & I

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