Big Event IX Update: New Additions + Details on Tag Team Photo Ops

Hey now.

Another. Name. Added.

Seriously. I’m getting very concerned with the amount of talent being advertised for Big Event IX – a number now over 70! Combine that with the number of guests and the relatively small 4-hour window…this could end up being bad. Like “wow that was a major disaster bad.”

Anyways, here are the latest guest announced:

There will also be several tag team photo ops available:

The Powers of Pain Photo Op: $30.00

The Faces of Fear Photo Op: $30.00

The Warlord & Slick Photo Op: $30.00

The Islanders Photo Op: $30.00

Combo prices for Photo Ops? Easy pass for me. That’s a little ridiculous.

Since there’s a million different websites to pre-order these vendor guests, I’ll make a new post collecting all the links. I did it for Marked Out and on the Big Event page but I should post it here as well.

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