Examining WrestleCon 2016

The annual WrestleCon weekend begins Friday, April 1st, from Dallas, Texas (Photo Credit: Wrestlecon.com)

In what has become an annual tradition, WrestleCon is held during WrestleMania weekend and is conveniently near the venue of the biggest wrestling Pay-Per-View of the year. Thousands of fans travel from all over the world to attend WrestleMania, so having a convention on that very weekend is incredibly ingenious.

WrestleCon is a big, big deal. And while I won’t be flying to Dallas to attend ‘Mania or WrestleCon, I thought I would examine the strength of its guest list. Specifically, would this guest list force me to drop hundreds on just airfare and lodging alone? I’m going to go through every name and state whether I would pass on meeting them or not.

Guest List

  • Bob “Hardcore” Holly – I’ve met him twice this in 2015 (Big Event VIII & Legends of the Ring XX). While both encounters went well, I would most likely pass on meeting him for a third time. Amazingly enough, I do need one more autograph from him (forgot his signature in the JOB Squad Entry) but still…Pass
  • Bart Gunn – This is exactly like Holly’s case, except I have zero need for anymore of his autographs. I’ve got him covered in the Encyclopedia. Pass
  • Stacy Carter – I just met her at Big Event IX. While she was a sweetheart, I just don’t have anything else for her to sign. Pass
  • Scott Putski – Finally! A name I haven’t met yet. While I’m not particular eager to meet him, I would probably get a combo if I were in attendance so…Meet
  • Scott Steiner – We’re on a roll! I’ve yet to meet “Big Poppa Pump” and he’s definitely on my radar. Easy… Meet
  • Raven – I met Raven back at Big Event VIII. I do need his signature in the Johnny Polo entry, something I’m not sure he’d sign anyway. Plus, he’s a frequent guest at North East cons. So…Pass
  • Justin Credible: While I need him in several entries in the Encyclopedia, Credible is always around the convention scene. However, since I’m only two meets in…I might get him. So…Maybe
  • Debra – I met her at Legends of the Ring XXI and got her covered in the Encyclopedia. So…Pass
  • Bobby Heenan – I could use his autograph in the Heenan Family entry and maybe a photo op. So…Maybe. 
  • Lex Luger – I met him at Legends of the Ring XX & should get him done at Big Event X so…Pass
  • Kurt Angle – Slam dunk, 100% would…Meet
  • Marty Jannetty – Still need those autographs after he was in “no condition” to sign at Big Event IX. That experience definitely left me sour on Jannetty but I would love to complete The Rockers entry in the Encyclopedia so…Maybe
  • Paul Ellering – 100% would…Meet
  • Road Warrior Animal – I think I’m covered but a dual photo op (if offered) with Ellering would be cool. If not…Pass
  • Nikolai Volkoff – I completed his entries at Legends of the Ring XXI so…Pass
  • Barbarian – I’m looking to get him done at Legends of the Ring XXII in June so…Pass
  • Warlord – See Barbarian…Pass
  • Missy Hyatt – I got her at Big Event IX. Easy…Pass
  • Ivan Putski – I got him back at Big Event VIII…Pass
  • Honky Tonk Man – Completed his entries at a Wrestling Universe Signing…Pass
  • Melina Perez – I need her in one more entry in the Encyclopedia. She’s not a slam dunk, though, so let’s put her as…Maybe
  • Kelly Kelly – Same as Melina…Maybe
  • Vampiro – Passed on meeting him at Legends of the Ring XXI and I regret so…Meet
  • Shawn Michaels – I still need him in the D-X entry but I wouldn’t be spending the coin or time to meet him…Pass
  • Lance Storm – 100% would…Meet
  • Bushwhacker Luke – I got him at Legends of the Ring XX…Pass
  • Tommy Dreamer – 100% would…Meet
  • Maryase – I would 100&…Meet
  • Bill Apter – Wonderful man but I got his booked signed at Legends of the Ring XXI…Pass
  • Bobby Fulton – 100% would…Meet
  • Rick Steiner – 100% would…Meet
  • Tully Blanchard – I got him at Big Event IX so…Pass
  • Catrina – Intriguing name. She’s…Maybe
  • Ivelisse – Same as Catrina…Maybe
  • Melissa Santos – See above…Maybe
  • Justin Roberts – If he’s not with RF Video, I’d meet him. So right now he’s…Maybe
  • Marty Scrull – He’s definitely a…Maybe
  • Ricochet – He’s 100% would…Meet
  • Trevor Lee – He’s a…Maybe
  • Andrew Everett – See above…Maybe
  • Terri Runnels – Met her twice. She’s a…Pass
  • Ashley Massaro – Still need her autograph but she does frequent conventions so…Maybe
  • Cheerleader Melissa – She’s a…Maybe
  • Scott Norton – I would 100%…Meet
  • Magnus – I think I need him in a TNA Program, so…Maybe
  • Mickie James – See above…Maybe
  • Scott Hall – All done with the Bad Guy…Pass
  • Shane Douglas – I need one more autograph so…Maybe
  • Kevin Sullivan – Missed him at Legends of the Ring XX and regretted it so…Meet
  • Amanda Rodriguez – Definitely a…Pass
  • Jasmine St. Claire – lol…Pass
  • Amber O’Neal Gallows – She’s a…Maybe
  • Four Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders – Pass

So, let’s recap:

Our of the 56 guests announced, I would definitely meet 11 over that 3 day period. So, the chances of meet flying and staying in Dallas for just 11 definite meets is slim to none.

If I decided to include some of the maybes, it would be from the Lucha Underground roster. That brings my total to 15. Still a below average number of guests I get at a con.

Verdict: This con is an easy pass for me

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