Ivory, Jerry Lawler, Too Cool & Jim Cornette Added to Big Event X!

The Big Event X is coming! (Photo Credit: Big Event NY)

Hey now.

A slew of guests have been added to Big Event X:

The Collector’s Realm operates inside the Dutchess Marketplace in Westchester, NY. Dutchess is a gigantic thrift store & I’ve been to two signings there (George “The Animal” Steele & King Kong Bundy). Cornette was originally booked elsewhere but it appears he’s gotten out of that commitment. It seems like a photo op w/The Midnight Express is now possible.

Lawler is making another appearance at Big Event (I met him at Big Event VIII). He’s always a popular guest.

TMART brings in another rare guest in Ivory, who I think will do VERY well at this convention. Fresh name.


Tool Cool seems to have settled their beef with Rikishi, which is nothing but good news for fans that would like a photo op with all three members (which will be made available).

I’ll update the Big Event X guest list shortly.

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