LOTR XXI Update, Part II

Legends of the Ring XXII is happening on June 11, 2016 (Photo Credit: Legends of the Ring)

More guests have been announced for LOTR XXII:

  • Terry Funk is the 12th and final Superticket guest. The lineup is as followed: Funk, Candice Michelle, Barbarian, Warlord, Ax, Smash, Booker T, Stevie Ray, Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner, Dutch Mantell, & Butch Reed.
  • Bret “The Hitman” Hart has been announced as the “Featured Vendor Guest.” He is being brought in by Gentlemen’s Corner Barber Shop and pre-orders are on sale here
  • K&S Wrestlefest are bringing in The West Hollywood Blondes, Lenny Lane & Lodi. Pre-orders are on sale here
  • MZ Promotions has added Dink the Clown, Barry Hardy, Sylvester Grenier, and Rene Dupree. They previously announced Jamie Noble & Heidenreich.
  • Nyla Rose will no longer be appearing.
  • Pro Wrestling Syndicate will be bringing in Raven, Rhyno, Disco Inferno, and new WWE Hall of Famer “The Lariat” Stan Hansen.
  • Sinners & Saints have added Paul Ellering.
  • Chris Morrow Productions will be bringing in Robbie E. Rob Terry. 
  • ESS has added Bobby Fulton 

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