Legends of the Ring XXII Additions

Legends of the Ring XXII (Photo Credit: Legends of the Ring)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update about this event. Here’s who has been added:

  • The Hardy Boyz are being brought in by LOTR as “Featured Guests.” Limited number of tickets are on-sale here. A Platinum ticket is a hefty $200 but includes 4 autographs from each & 1 team photo op. Only 20 will be sold. A standard team meet & greet is $79. If you wish to purchase additional autograph tickets, Matt will be $20.00 per item while Jeff is $25.00. You must purchase a Platinum or Standard ticket before purchasing extras. The Extra Autograph tickets will be sold on the day of the event. 
  • K&S has added Hector Guerrero and Jillian Hall to their lineup. You can pre-order tickets here.
  • Pro Wrestling Syndicate is now listed as bringing in Ted Arcidi, Rhyno, and Disco Inferno. Raven and Stan Hansen were originally listed as their talent. But fear not…
  • Two-Man Power Trip promotions is bringing in Hansen, Raven, and Buff Bagwell. I’ll see if pre-orders will be made available.
  • ESS is bringing in Sabu and The Genie (Melissa Coates). Pre-order tickets can be purchased here.
  • Jim Cornette is listed as an “Individual Vendor Talent.”
  • B&C Wrestling is bringing in Shane Douglas, Justin Credible, & Kevin Sullivan. No word on any pre-orders.

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