Big Event XI Guest News: Harley Race, Ivan Koloff, and More

Big Event XI (Photo Credit: Big Event NY)

Hey now.

I’m obviously a little late on this but more names have been announced for Big Event XI:

  • Harley Race (Big Event NY)
  • Larry Zbyszko (K&S Wrestlefest)
  • Hornswoggle (RF Video)
  • Debra McMichael (Lucky 13)
  • Zeb Colter (K&S Wrestlefest)
  • Road Warrior Animal (TMART)
  • Paul Ellering (TMART)
  • Jackie Moore (Big Event NY)
  • Damien Sandow (RF Video)
  • Ivan Koloff (K&S Wrestlefest)
  • Raven (Greg Weiss Promotions)

Race is obviously the biggest name of this group while Sandow will likely be the most popular. Jackie Moore is the “free autograph with $20.00 admission” guest.

By the way, the Big Event Pre-Order tracking page will return.

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