Big Event XI Adds Adam Rose, Medusa, Danny Davis

Big Event XI (Photo Credit: Big Event NY)

The Big Event machine cannot be stopped – you can only hope to contain it. They’ve added three guests to their 11th lineup, two very significant: Adam Rose, Medusa, and “Dangerous” Danny Davis.

Rose was recently (and infamously) released from the WWE. He was super over in his NXT days but the Adam Rose “gimmick” never translated to a bigger audience. The PG element didn’t help his party boy persona either. Hell of a theme song, though.

Medusa is a WWE Hall of Famer (inducted as Alundra Blaze) and one of the more well known names in women’s wrestling. She will forever live in infamy for dumping the WWF Women’s title into a trash can live on WCW Monday Nitro.

Davis last appeared at Big Event IX – along with Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart. I wonder if this is a sign of another Hart Foundation reunion? Maybe, maybe not.

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