Greetings from Mexico: LOTR XXII Report Is Coming, XIII News

Greetings from Mexico! I’m here until Friday, so I’m not sure how much posting I’ll do but I’m hoping to get a LOTR XXII report up by tonight.

Here’s some news for LOTR XXII:

  • Early bird tickets are on sale TODAY ONLY. The discounted Superticket is $190 while G.A. is $15.
  • Fit Finlay has been added by K&S Wrestlefest, who are also bringing in Ricky Steamboat.
  • And major announcement regarding the Superticket format:

The biggest challenge we face each and every show is people not following simple numbering procedures of the supertickets (85 comes after 35 not before!) Therefore going forward we will be only be preserving the first 25 numbers. We are still working out the details and have been discussing 3 groups or zones after the first numbered 25. Details to follow

Please address any and all questions not answered on the website to private message only.

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