Big Event XI Adds; Jackie Moore Cancels

Let’s lead off with the newest Big Event XI news:

  • WWE Hall of Famer Jackie Moore has canceled and is now replaced by another Hall of Famer: Bushwhacker Luke. A $20 admission ticket also nets you a Bushwhacker Luke autograph, the same deal that was being offered with Moore.
  • Rick Steiner & Disco Inferno are being brought in by GWP
  • Demolition members Ax & Smash have been added by Sinners & Saints Signings
  • D – N -A Bookings and The OGKILK are bringing in Afa, Manu, and Gene Snitsky 
  • David Schultz has been added by RK Sports Promotions
  • Shannon Moore & Santino added by K&S Wrestlefest
  • Doink the Clown is being brought in by Main Event Toys
  • Johnny Mundo, Jeanne Basone & Sunny via TMART Promotions

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