Big Event XI Cancellations: Paul Ellering, Sunny

Big Event XI (Photo Credit: Big Event NY)

Some bad news to report: Sunny and Paul Ellering will no longer be appearing at this Saturday’s Big Event XI. Here’s a statement from TMART Promotions:

We have unfortunate news to report about this coming Saturday at The Big Event.
We got word that Paul Ellering will not be able to make it this weekend. He has to be at NXT in Toronto and he tired his best to see if he could still make the big event but things did not work out like we hoped.

Also as many of you know Sunny has still not been heard from and will not be at the event also with us.

If anyone pre ordered Sunny or Ellering expect emails to come over the next two days.

Thanks and see all on Saturday

I’m hearing rumblings of other cancellations but it’s just rumors at this point. I’ll keep you updated if anything else comes to light.

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