Big Event XI: Afa cancels, Pre-Orders end tonight

Big Event XI (Photo Credit: Big Event NY)

Another cancelation for Big Event XI: Afa, one half of the WWE Hall of Fame tag team The Wild Samoans, will no longer appear. I asked about his availability on Facebook and here was the response from the vendor:

No, unfortunately Afa had to cancel. Snitsky will still be there along side Manu. And for extra excitement, Rikishi will be in the house as well, w rumor of Headshrinker Samu. You just nvr know sometimes!

Also of note: Pre-Orders for Big Event guests Bruno Sammartino, Ryback, and Mark Henry – as well admission tickets –  will end tonight at 9:00 PM EST. *NOTE*: Tickets are no longer available for Harley Race and it’s not known why. Hopefully this isn’t a sign that Race has canceled. Click Here to purchase tickets.

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