Examining the WrestleCade ’16 Lineup

WrestleCade begins this morning

Today marks the beginning of the end for WrestleCade – a super weekend wrestling extravaganza held in Salem, North Carolina. Apparently this is their final one and I, sadly, will not be attending. For shame. Still, that doesn’t stop me from examining this FanFest lineup. Let’s start with what to expect later tonight:


The weekend kicks off with the 2nd Annual Showcase of Champions. WrestleCade describes this as “bringing together Champions from some of the top independent wrestling promotions in the country to compete at Showcase Of Champions!”

Cody Rhodes is advertised for the show and will take part in a pre-show meet and greet. If you’re attending this event, I highly recommend going out of your way to meet Cody. He’s extremely nice and engaging. You won’t regret it. The WrestleCade FAQ Page notes that this is the only night Rhodes and Lucha Underground’s Pentagon Dark (F.K.A. Pentagon Jr.) are scheduled to appear. So, again, go out of your way to meet both.

They are offering a Cody Rhodes Experience VIP Meet & Greet for $43.19 (after tax). This VIP ticket allows you to meet Rhodes before the show, 1 in-ring Photo Op (with your camera), 1 commemorative mini-poster, and 1 autograph on the mini-poster. No word on if you can get additional stuff autographed but here’s hoping you could. It would be silly not to, no? They note that this is limited to only 100 people and the price will increase to $50 the day of the event. You can purchase the ticket here. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

By the way: it seems like tickets to this show are soldout. Welp. But, hey, if you have a ticket then make sure to grab that VIP Meet & Greet. An in-ring photo op w/Cody sounds awesome.

Saturday will be the Fanfest day. This is your chance to meet a slew of wrestlers scheduled to appear. I’m going to check out the lineup and note if I would personally meet them. This is just for fun. Feel free to comment on who you plan to meet/would meet if you could attend.

  • Aerial Monroe – An independent wrestler that I’m not personally familiar with so…Pass
  • Allie Parker – See Above…Pass
  • Amber Gallows – “The Bullet Babe” is someone I’vet yet to meet despite making the convention rounds. So…Meet. 
  • Angelina Love – It’s going to be interesting to see if she no-shows. I would like to meet her…Meet
  • Baby Doll – A legendary valet that should make some appearances in the North East…Meet
  • Big Sean Studd – An independent worker I’ve heard of yet haven’t seen wrestle…Pass.
  • Blue Meanie – He’s a regular at North-East wrestling conventions…Pass
  • Bob Caudle – He’s a legendary announcer that I’d love to…Meet
  • Bobby Eaton – I’ve met him before and I don’t think I need him to sign anything else…Pass
  • Booker T – I’ve met him but could use his autograph on a few different pieces…Meet
  • Sharmell – I’ve yet to meet her and would very much like to change that…Meet
  • Buff Bagwell – I just met him and he was awesome. I could use his autograph in my WCW Ultimate Guide…Maybe
  • Bugsy McGraw – I missed him at a LOTR so…Meet
  • Caprice Coleman – I’m a fan of his…Meet
  • Carlito – I’ve met him already and I don’t believe I need his autograph on another piece…Pass
  • Chase Owens – Bullet Club member that I’ve yet to…Meet
  • Chris Masters – I’ve yet to meet him and that would change here…Meet
  • Cowboy Bob Orton – I’ve met him before but need his autograph in one more Encyclopedia entry…Maybe
  • Crimson – Sure, I need him in a TNA Program or two…Meet
  • C.W. Anderson – An ECW name that hasn’t made many appearances in the North-East…Meet
  • Dave Penzer – I’d absolutely meet him…Meet
  • Deonna Purrazo – A name that always seems to allude me…Meet
  • Drew Galloway – Someone I’ve met before…Pass (he’s really nice though)
  • ECIII – See Galloway…Pass
  • Eric Bischoff – See Above…Pass
  • Faye Jackson – She’s definitely a…Maybe
  • Gangrel – I’ve met him once but do need him on the Brood entry in the Encyclopedia; however, he’ll be at the next Big Event so…Pass
  • Geordie Bulldogs – I can’t say I’m familiar w/them…Pass
  • George South – Sure, why not?…Meet
  • Greek God Papadon – I’ve actually met him once before…Pass (Nice guy)
  • Hacksaw Jim Duggan – I do need him on a few different pieces but he’s always around…Maybe
  • Heidi Lovelace – I’d love to meet her…Meet
  • Terri Runnels – I’ve met her three times and have nothing else for her to sign…Pass (She’s REALLY nice though)
  • Ivan Koloff – I met him and don’t believe I have anything left for him to sign…Pass
  • Jade – I previously met her and have nothing else for her to sign..Pass
  • James Ellsworth – I’d meet him though I wonder if WWE would pull him from this event…Meet
  • James Storm – I met him once but need him on a few TNA Programs…Meet
  • Jason Kincaid – Sure, why not?…Meet
  • Jeff Jarrett – I met him once and need him on a bunch of TNA programs, so…Maybe
  • Jimmy Valiant – Absolutely would…Meet
  • Assassin #1 (Jody Hamilton) – Sure, he’d be a cool person to…Meet
  • Juventud Guerrera – Absolutely…Meet
  • Karen Jarrett – I need a photo op but have nothing for her to autograph…Maybe
  • Kelly Kelin – Sure…Meet
  • Kennadi Brink – I am not familiar with her…Pass
  • Don Kernodle – Absolutely…Meet
  • Rocky Kernodle – Eh…Maybe
  • Kevin Nash – See Hacksaw…Maybe
  • Kevin Sullivan – He’s a great guy but I just don’t have anything else for him to sign…Pass
  • King Shane – I am not familiar with him…Pass
  • Queen Taylor – See above…Pass
  • Koko B. Ware – I need him in one or two more Encyclopedia entries…Maybe
  • La Resistance – I’ve met all three members (this duo is Conway/Dupree) so…Pass
  • Lanny Pofo – I have yet to meet him…Meet
  • Lei D. Tapa – I have yet to meet her…Meet
  • Leva Bates – Blue Pants! I would absolutely…Meet
  • Lisa Marie Von – I love Victoria, she was great to meet, and I need her on a few other pieces…Maybe
  • Luke Hawk – I am not familiar with him…Pass
  • Mandy Leon – She’s always around…Pass
  • Masked Superstar – Bill Eadie, also known as Ax from Demolition, who I’ve met three times…Pass
  • Matt Hardy – Absolutely…Meet
  • Melissa Santos – My Lucha Underground piece was messed up so I’d probably meet her again…Meet
  • Neveah – I am not familiar with her…Pass
  • Nick Patrick – Absolutely…Meet
  • Nicole Savy – I am not familiar with her…Pass
  • ODB – I didn’t get a chance to meet her at this past Big Event so…Meet
  • One Man Gang – I have yet to meet him…Meet
  • The Patriot – I just met him at this past Big Event so…Pass
  • Paul Orndorff – I’ve met him but I need him in a few HOF programs so…Meet
  • PJ Black – I have yet to meet him…Meet
  • Rachel Ellering – Sure, why not?…Meet
  • Ric Flair – I’ve met him twice and still need him on pieces but he’s expensive…Maybe
  • Ricardo Rodriguez – Absolutely…Meet
  • Ricky Steamboat – I like him very much but have nothing else for him to sign…Pass
  • Rikishi – See Steamboat…Pass
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Express – I’ve met them already though need autographs…Maybe
  • Rockstar Spud – I’ve met him already. Nice guy but…Pass
  • Ron Simmons – I need him on a few things. Damn!…Meet
  • Roni Nicole – I am not familiar with her…Pass
  • Ryback – I have nothing for him to sign…Pass
  • Sandman – I have nothing for him to sign either…Pass
  • Savannah Evans – I am not familiar with her…Pass
  • Scott Hall – See Hacksaw…Pass
  • Shane Strickland – Sure, why not?….Meet
  • Sid – I’ll probably get him again at the upcoming Big Event…Pass
  • Solo Darling – I am not familiar with her…Pass
  • Sonjay Dutt – I have nothing else for him to sign…Pass
  • Sonny Ono – I would absolutely meet him…Meet
  • Steve Corino – Absolutely would…Meet
  • Steve Lombardi – I need him in multiple Encyclopedia entries…Maybe
  • Su Young – I am not familiar with her…Pass
  • Taler Hendrix – See Mandy Leon…Pass
  • Tessa Blanchard – I would…Meet
  • The Mulkey Brothers – Eh…Maybe
  • The Stro – I am not familiar with him…Pass
  • The Tommy Thomas – I am not familiar with him…Pass
  • The Wolves – I do need Davey on some stuff…Meet
  • Thunderkitty – I am not familiar with her…Pass
  • Tito Santana – If  had time…Maybe
  • Tracy Smothers – Absolutely…Meet
  • Vince Russo -I met him already…Pass
  • Zeb Colter – See Russo…Pass

They are also offering a dual photo op with Ric Flair and Sting, which I would totally do.

So, in total, I’d meet well over 50 and that’s just not happening. I’d have to cut down the list considerably. No biggie.

This looks like a strong convention and a fun “Fanfest” overall. I’d go if I could. If you’re going, have fun!



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