Year in Review: April


The Year in Review 12 day countdown continues with Day #4, highlighting my Hardcore adventure in the month of April. 

April 15, 2016

House of Hardcore XII

Corona, Queens, NY

I decided to attend Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore 12 at the Elmcor Youth Center in Corona, NY (in the Queens borough). I bought a 2nd row ticket with the intention of staying for the entire show but, alas, plans changed the previous evening. I was dead tired and felt a little out of it; plus, I was making the trip from NJ to Queens via public transportation and belltime was scheduled for 8:00 PM, meaning the show would be over by 10:30 or 11 at the latest. I would get back home by 1 or 2 AM, way too late for me.

Anyways, there was a pre-show meet and greet scheduled for 6:00 PM so I took a bus that got me into Port Authority at 4:15 PM. I got to Penn and boarded the 4:45 PM LIRR train to Flushing Main Street. I arrived there roughly 15 minutes later and took an Uber to the Elmcor Youth Center. I arrived at 5:30 PM and saw two or three people waiting by the doors. I killed sometime outside talking to my girlfriend on the phone before going in and claiming my tickets. While there, I saw Beulah talking to the ticket vendor.

A couple of minutes before 6:00 PM, they told us we could go down to ringside for the start of the meet and greet. I first went to my seat — Section A, Row 2, Seat 11 — and scoped out the surroundings. I saw Rhyno at his table but didn’t have a need for him.

I spotted Sami Callihan heading for his table and decided to get him in my NXT program. I was the one of the first to approach him and he offered me a deal: $20 for a t-shirt, autograph, and photo op! I jumped at the offer and got his green “Death Machine” t-shirt. He signed my NXT program and we took a selfie, which I hate, but nobody was around to take the picture for us. Boo.

Lance Hoyt was seated to his right and decided to get him in my Encyclopedia (he was known as Vance Archer in WWE). A combo was $10.00 but the selfie came out blurry. No worries, I’d get a cooler photo op with him later.

Tommy Dreamer was up next and he was talking with a bunch of locals. I waited for him to finish a story before asking him how much a combo would be. He whispered to me, “I don’t charge at my shows.” :jawdrop: That’s right, folks. FREE combo. I got him in my Encyclopedia. I’ll definitely attend the next HOH that’s in Queens with the intention of loading up on Dreamer ‘graphs.

Up next was Little Guido who offered to sign both entries in the Encyclopedia and take a photo for $10!!! Little Guido was definitely very awesome.

As I walked away from Guido’s table, I heard Colt Cabana shout at me “What about Goldman?!?! You got Goldman in there?!?!” I told him I got him last year and he chuckled and said it was cool. I remembered I actually had something for him to sign — a GFW program he’s featured in. He signed it for $5 or $10 bucks (can’t remember). He’s super nice and funny, love Colt.

Chris Hero showed up and his line quickly grew. He was offering $5.00 combos. I had him sign a ROH Program/Poster thingy and we took the photo. What a cool guy and a phenomenal wrestler as well.

Next was Davey Boy Smith Jr., who finally showed up. I decided to get his autograph for $10 and a KES photo op for $20. I just realized I missed the opportunity to get him in the Hart Dynasty section…whoops. Next time. I got to pose with the GHC Tag title, which is awesome.

Bull Dempsey also made his way over and was offering FREE combos. I got him in my NXT program. Awesome guy.

Finally, I spotted Thea Trinidad in ring gear. She was talking to two guys at her table for nearly the entire signing period — they finally left and I approached her. She said she had to go (she was opening the show) but I asked her to please sign my TNA program and she agreed. She signed the Rosita entry. Before I could ask for a pic, she bolted to the back. Oh well.

The show then began and they had a moving tribute to Balls Mahoney. The action was great. Intermission came at roughly 9:45 PM and Rob Van Damn, who looked VERY…”glazed over”…came out to sign. I skipped out on RVD because I cleaned up on him at Big Event.

I did see Nicole Bass roaming around and asked for a pic. I wanted to get her in the Encyclopedia but she didn’t have a table, didn’t have a sharpie, I didn’t have a sharpie…no bueno. I was going to ask Rhyno to borrow a sharpie but Nicole left to the back. Oh well. Fred the Elephant Boy from the Howard Stern Show was roaming around as well.

I left during intermission.

All in all, a VERY successful score for me. Very happy I went. Next time, though, I’ll be more armed with things to get signed and I’ll probably just buy a GA ticket since I likely won’t stay for the entire show.

Check back for tomorrow. We’ll be looking at the month of May, an exciting month for me, as I met several stars from Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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