Year in Review: December


It’s here! The last of the Year in Review series! Here’s a look back at the month of December, a small yet successful month:

I made my way to La Boom in Queens, New York for yet another epic Evolve show. This show caught my attention for three reasons: 1). The card looks terrific; 2). I could get four of my PWG BOLA ’16 cards signed; 3). Dick Togo was being brought in from Japan. Can’t miss show? Can’t miss show.

I arrived at 4:40 PM with doors scheduled to open at 5:00 PM. It was freezing outside so, naturally, doors opened well past 5:00 PM. After finally being let in and settling my massive coat behind my seat, I made my way to the way too narrow hallway to partake in the meet & greet.

Up first was Dick Togo, who was a more than reasonable $20 combo. I had him sign the cover of my ECW Barely Legal DVD, which is also signed by Taz, Shane Douglas, Terry Funk, Tod Gordon, Rob Van Dam, and the Sandman. Togo didn’t seem to speak English but he was really nice. I considered having him sign my Encyclopedia but I was low on cash and the Kaientai entry is sort-of meh to begin with. I’m running out of space on the cover though there’s an insert inside the package that I could use to get lesser guys that appeared on the show to sign.

I then met Jeff Cobb, whom you might know as Matanza from Lucha Underground. I had him sign his PWG BOLA ’16 card and he was shocked I had one. He asked me if I had the full set (I do) and he said he’s missing the Legion Larry card (which I have). It was a really fun convo and he’s a great guy – and an AMAZING talent. Seriously, WWE needs to be on this guy ASAP. He was a $20 combo.

I saw Brian Cage – also from Lucha Underground – and saw a huge print of himself that I thought would be a great piece to get signed. I was low on cash but, luckily, Cage was a $10 combo! He personalized the piece and it’s one of my favorites. Melissa Santos was with him but she wasn’t really partaking in the M&G. I met her before so I didn’t need a pic or auto but I did tell her I was a fan and she gave her thanks.

Next was Chris Hero, whom I’ve met before. He, too, signed his PWG BOLA ’16 card for $5. I saw a cool 8×10 of him giving an elbow to a Zombie and I decided to buy it and have him sign it. Hero’s great as usual. He’s what most Indie wrestlers should be: fun to talk to, easy going, ton of merch, and eager to sign it for a really low price.

No other signs of my other two wants: Ricochet and Matt Riddle. I did see their merch laid out, though, so I knew they’d be signing after the show.

The show itself was fantastic. There was a spot where Cage threw Darby Allin from the ring and onto the stage. He actually landed about two or three feet in front of me! Surreal.

Following the show, I spotted Matt Riddle and he signed his BOLA ’16 card for free. Awesome guy and quickly becoming a top, top name in Indie wrestling. He’d be a great prospect for WWE but his pro-marijuana stance is reportedly keeping that from happening.

Finally, Ricochet emerged from the back. He told me he’d sign his BOLA ’16 card for $5…but I think he meant $15. I handed him a $20 and he gave me back $5. He either stiffed me (!) or I misheard (probably the latter). No biggie either way.

Anyways, great show and great meet & greet. I also got a free event poster pre-signed by the talent! I now have 5 of the 27 BOLA ’16 cards signed. I would love to get them all but guys like Excalibur, Super Dragon, and Legion Larry (a fan) will be next to impossible to get.

Dick Togo

Jeff Cobb


Chris Hero

Chris Hero #2


Matt Riddle

Tomorrow, I will hand out my year end awards! Here at the categories:

  • Favorite Meet – Who was my favorite meet of the year?
  • Nicest Wrestler – Who was the nicest wrestler I met this year?
  • Favorite Solo Photo Op
  • Favorite Tag Team Photo Op
  • Favorite Autograph
  • Best Convention
  • Best Pre-Show Meet & Greet

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