Meeting Mick Foley

This past Sunday, I decided to head over to the Dutchess Marketplace in Fishkill, NY to meet Mick Foley for the third time. I was not planning on attending this signing but I was visiting my girlfriend (she lives nearby) so she was nice enough to take me. Love that girl.

I first met Foley when I was ~13 years old, long before I became fully engrossed in this hobby, and the last time we met was at the very first LOTR I attended in June 2015. I still had a ton of stuff for Foley to sign and the prices at this signing were reasonable: $30 combo, $20 per item.

If you’ve never been to the Dutchess Marketplace…it’s kind of cool. It’s a giant, indoor flea market where you can find old stuff. I mean really old stuff. The Collector’s Realm was hosting the signing and, I have to say, they’re easily the coolest “store” at the Marketplace. Tons of collectibles, old and new, and the staff is great.

The signing was from 11-2 and we arrived sometime after 12:30. There was a fairly long line although it was managed extremely well. They separated the line into blocks and gradually moved the blocks of people, making sure they weren’t blocking aisles or tables. A+ management and every single promoter/vendor could learn from their staff.

The wait was about 30-45 minutes before it was my turn. Mick saw all the items I had, looked at my girlfriend, and asked with a chuckle, “So I’ve always wanted to ask the girlfriend this question: are you okay with this level of fandom?” Mick and I chatted about a little known match vs. Eddie Gilbert from 1991 that the great Dave Meltzer rated five stars. We then got into a discussion about Meltzer’s star ratings, which was pretty damn cool. Foley was in great spirits and took the time to talk with everyone. Great guy.

I had him sign my WWE Ultimate Superstar Guide, WM 32/HOF Program, TNA 2010 Program, and WrestleMania XX Program.


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