Taking a look at the Legends of the Ring lineup


We are less than a month away from Legends of the Ring XXV and I am beyond excited for this convention. It’s been over 4 long, long months since I’ve been to a wrestling convention and I’m eager to score some sweet autographs and photo ops.

A convention, in my opinion, is only as good as its guests. For example, I am beyond disappointed with the New York Comic Con guestlist. Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lanister on Game of Thrones, canceled. Mark Hamill, the beloved Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, costs $250 for a photo op and $300 for an autograph. The rest of the guestlist is filled with names I don’t recognize or care to meet.

So with that said…how good is this Legends of the Ring lineup? Let’s take a look:


Dory Funk Jr. – A rare name that fans have been consistently asking over the past few years. If you’re a collector of ‘graphs in your Encyclopedia, he’s featured twice

Ken Shamrock – Another rare(ish) name that doesn’t do a ton of wrestling conventions. He’s someone who attracts WWE and MMA fans; hell, he’s a pioneer of MMA and an important piece of UFC history.

The Godfather – A common name in the wrestling convention circuit and, yet, I’ve never met him. He’s featured all over the Encyclopedia.

Ken Patera – Another common(ish) name that I’ve managed to miss over the years. I’m looking forward to adding his ‘graph to my Encyclopedia.

Slick – Literally the same situation as Patera, funnily enough.

Terry Taylor – A VERY rare name that’s been in demand for quite sometime. I am a little worried that he’ll cancel due to his position with WWE/NXT. A must-meet.

Nasty Boyz – Two very common names and, amazingly enough, I’ve always passed on meeting them! I’m glad to finally correct that. I’ll be interesting to see if they’re in the same block as Ken Shamrock…

Francine – She will be another first time meet for me and I’m glad to finally add her name to my Encyclopedia.

Bill DeMott – I actually pre-ordered a combo for DeMott at a previous Big Event but missed him! I’m not thrilled about meeting someone with his “bully” reputation.

Ted Arcidi – Another rare name that may be a risk of cancelling.

Ivory – A rare name that I have but would love to meet again.

Vendor Guest List

Captain’s Corner 

Paul Roma & Jim Powers – I’m lumping this duo together, as they teamed as The Young Stallions, which will make for a cool tag team photo op.

Tom Prichard – A rare name! Be sure to score a Heavenly Bodies w/Prichard & Stan Lane.

Tony Anthony – F.K.A. The Dirty White Boy & T.L. Hopper. Fresh name (for me anyways).

Erik Watts – Another fresh name.

Erik Embry – Yet another fresh name, who’s in the brand new WWE Encyclopedia.

TMART Promotions 

Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane The Mightnight Express! I actually have an awesome photo op with these two…plus Cornette and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express! Still, this is a sweet tag team photo op. Speaking of…

Steve Kerin – You might remember him as Skinner but you can also score yet ANOTHER tag team photo op w/Kerin and Lane, a.k.a. The Fabulous Ones.

Damage 365 Radio

Katie Lea Buchill – F.K.A. Winter in the ole TNA. A name I will likely pass on because I met her previously; however, she’s an absolute sweetheart, so make sure you meet her if you can.

Terri Runnels – Another name I’ll pass on because I’ve met her three times. Shame, too, because she’s incredibly nice.

Su Young – A name I will get because I’ve seen a few of her matches and I think she’ll eventually find her way to WWE.

Mark Canterbury – A rare name that I already have, so I’ll have to pass. Still, really solid name.

Gregory Helms – F.K.A. The Hurricane & “Sugar” Shane Helms. I’ve met him before but need him on an old WCW Ultimate Guide book.

Rosemary – New name for me!

Allie – Same as Rosemary!

Animal – Pass (nothing else for him to sign).

Steiner Brothers – I need this tag team photo op plus a ‘graph or two.

Koko B. Ware – I may get him day of as I need one more ‘graph

Adam Rose – Same as Koko.

Gary Michael Cappetta – Met him once, so this is a pass. Nice guy, though.

Butcher Paul Vachon – Must get name for me.

Vince Russo – Haha. Pass.

Taryn Terrell – I need her on a few TNA programs; we’ll see.

Kevin Matthews – Met before, so pass.

Chelsea Green – Definitely will meet. Maybe she’ll bring Zach Ryder? Ha.

And that’ll do it. I think this is a REALLY good lineup — what say you, dear friends?

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