LOTR XXV: Why vendors do not book rare guests


We’re fresh off the 25th Legends of the Ring and I thought the lineup was particularly strong. Dory Funk Jr., the top name featured on this Superticket, is a rare, legendary name that hasn’t done a Northeast convention appearance in quite sometime.

Other rare names booked for this show included Eric Embry, Erik Watts, Tom Prichard, Ted Arcidi, & TL Hooper. In addition to those rare names, you had the opportunity so score rare tag team photo ops like the Heavenly Bodies and Fabulous Ones.

And you know what? Attendance for this show appeared to be way down.

Some people were upset that LOTR did not feature a “Platinum” level guest – though they rarely do for an October show. Others thought the Superticket lineup was weak, which I couldn’t disagree with more. Funk and Ken Shamrock are two iconic names. Bill DeMott has done one Big Event since his release from the WWE in 2015. Ivory appeared at the same Big Event, too, but nothing recent before or since.

I’ve often asked different vendors why they book the same guests over and over again and their answer is simple: because no one actually pays to meet rare names. Fans request rare names but, when it comes down to it, they gravitate to more familiar names.

The attendance for this LOTR is Exhibit A as to why promoters and vendors don’t fill out their guest lists with rare names.

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