Big Event XIV: Some pre-orders are ending soon


We are less than a week away from Big Event XIV and the opportunity to pre-order tickets for some vendor guests is winding down. Let’s take a look at some of the deals ending soon:

  • K&S WrestleFest/Highspots will end pre-orders on Tuesday, 3/6. Their guests include Mick Foley, Scott Hall, Vader, Outback Jack, and Ernest “the Cat” Miller
  • Captain’s Corner will end pre-orders on Wednesday, 3/7. Their guests are Brian AdiasL.A.X. (Santana and Ortiz), Juventud Guerrera, Doug Gilbert, and Tyrus.
  • RDG Promotions will also end pre-orders on Wednesday, 3/7. Their guests are Brandi Rhodes and Rachel Ellering 

Also, TMART advertised that their pre-orders for Lex Luger and Melina ending on 3/1 but, as of right now, they’re still up. You can access their page by clicking here. I’m also keeping track of all pre-orders, which you can find here

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