Breaking News: Col. DeBeers cancels LOTR appearance due to illness


Some breaking news via Eric Simms:

Some bad news to report. Due to a last minute medical issue Col. Debeers had canceled his appearance.

He has cancer. No he is not dying. He is undergoing chemo treatments and had some complications with it where his doctor advised him not fly.

What does this mean
1. Obviously he is canceled.
2. All pre sales will be refunded at lotr. Please see me for a refund.
3. He agreed to sign my photos so if anyone wants an autograph i will honor it. It may take 2 weeks or so to honor this but will be honored.
4 i might have a last minute Replacement

Sorry to let the fans down on this

Due to his health i cant promise a make up date.

We obviously wish Col. DeBeers luck with his treatment. Cancer is a terrible, terrible thing.

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