Meeting Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Melina

I arrived at the Wrestling Universe just before 12:30 PM and was a bit surprised by two things:

1). The duel signing wasn’t being held at their comic book store
2). A decently sized line had formed outside the Wrestling Universe

For those of you who’ve never been to the Universe for a signing, they utilize two, small rooms – and one of those rooms has HORRIFIC lighting. So, right off the bat, I was nervous that the signing would be held in that room.

Ira and Jennifer showed up about 15 minutes after I did and Ira told me about the Elias Samson concert at Gramercy Theater this Saturday. I waited on line for nearly a half hour before I made it into the store. I pre-ordered the Bulldog/Melina combo ($50) but still had three more items for Bulldog, so I purchased extra autos. Jack told me that they have another ECW signing coming up and there will be an Impact signing in October (right before their PPV at the Melrose).

I was relieved to see that the signing wasn’t being held in the small room with bad lightning. Davey Boy Smith Jr. was up first and I had him sign my Wrestle Kingdom 12 program, a Pro Wrestling NOAH program, a GFW program, and the Hart Dynasty section of the Encyclopedia. I met Hart (and Lance Archer) at a House of Hardcore show a couple of years ago so I already had him sign his individual entry in the Encyclopedia. Hart was very, very nice and probably has one of the best autographs out there (something he thanks his grandmother for).

Funny story #1: I made a comment that Arn Anderson probably has the worst autograph. Smith immediately went into a hilarious impression of Double A that had Melina and I dying of laughter. Smith and I took two photo ops: a normal photo op and one where he’s doing the 4 Horsemen sign in honor of Double A!

Funny story: Melina noticed Shelton Benjamin in my NOAH program and she was laughing at how angry he looked in the photo. She decided to take a picture and texted it to Benjamin with the caption of, “This is your face when I don’t text you back fast enough!”

I then had Melina sign the MNM entry of the Encyclopedia (I had her sign her individual page at my first LOTR). She was unbelievably sweet.

Thankfully, we were able to do individual photo ops as I really didn’t want a duel shot (invalid!).

All in all, another relatively easy score. I’ll be there next weekend for Hakushi!


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