Pinkies Up: Meeting Sienna

RDP Promotions brought in former Impact Wrestler Sienna to the Wrestling Universe. Sienna’s a future WWE superstar as far as I’m concerned – she appeared in the last Mae Young Classic – so I really wanted the combo.

I arrived just before 3 PM and spotted a small group of people lined up outside of the Universe (no more than 5-10 people). The real story happened in the barbershop next door. I went in hoping to get a quick haircut but there was only one barber and he was tending to two guys who were nitpicking their haircuts. One guy thought that his beard was uneven and the other guy was asking for all sorts of shape up combinations. I decided to leave because Jenna and I had to head to my uncles.

I enter the Universe and walk right into the backroom where Sienna was seated behind a table. We exchanged hellos as she signed my Bound for Glory 2017 program. She commented that she wished she had this program and that she knew who made them and was going to ask him for one. She came around for the table shot and commented that I was the first person to tower over her this weekend. She was really nice!

And that’s that.


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