LOTR to Announce First “Stand Alone” Guest on Friday!

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Legends of the Ring has announced Vickie Guerrero, Lacey Von Erich, Barry Windham, Mike Rotunda, and Taz as the first five “Super Ticket” guests for their October 3rd show to much excitement from yours truly (and many other fans)!

This Friday, however, LOTR will announce their first “stand alone” guest – someone who will be appearing as a “vendor guest” but is not part of the Super Ticket.

Any guesses? By the way, the LOTR Facebook page has since deleted a post that said something was “really picking up steam!” Perhaps a clue? Some have speculated the Godfather. We’ll see…

Taz revealed as fifth LOTR XXI “Super Ticket” Guest!

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The LOTR XXI “Super Ticket” line up is absolutely stacked so far as Vickie Guerrero, Lacey Von Erich, Mike Rotunda, and Barry Windham have already been announced. The fifth name, however, is undoubtedly the biggest name thus far:

That’s right! “The Human Suplex Machine” will make a rare appearance during LOTR XXI! He’s a VERY rare signing so be sure to bring all your appropriate merchandise! DO NOT miss out on such a rare opportunity.

TWO New Names Announced for LOTR XXI Super Ticket!

Hey now!

Two new names have been announced for the LOTR XXI Super Ticket; a few days ago, Vickie Guerrero and Lacey Von Erich were announced as the first two “Super Ticket” guests. So, who’s joining them?

That’s right! The USA Express will join the Super Ticket line up for LOTR XXI! Couple of quick notes:

-MZ promotions brought in Mike Rotunda as a vendor guest during the Big Event VIII and his combo price was a hefty $50. For those who passed/missed him at Big Event, here’s your opportunity to get a Rotunda autograph at $15-$20.

-Barry Windham is also a vendor guest at Big Event courtesy of TMART Promotions (more on their incredible Big Event deal later). If you can’t get Barry for some reason, he’ll be available about a month and change later during the Big Event (although I imagine the crowd will be more hectic as he’s strictly a vendor’s guest).

First Two Names Announced for Legends of the Ring XXI

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It’s been a mere four days since Legends of the Ring XX and, frankly, my head is still spinning from the pure awesomeness of the Fan Fest. I know I’m not alone in genuinely looking forward to LOTR XXI, which is scheduled on October 3rd at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Monroe, NJ. Fortunately for us, the LOTR promoters have decided to announce not one but TWO of the first “Super Ticket” guests confirmed for the event!

Vickie Guerrero has been announced as the first “Super Ticket” guest for the October 3rd Fan Fest! The Matriarch of the Guerrero family is making her FIRST EVER appearance at ANY wrestling-devoted convention! While Guerrero played a menacing heel during the majority of her time in the WWE, she has undoubtedly endeared herself in the hearts of WWE fans around the world. Needless to say, this is a fairly HUGE name!

The second “Super Ticket” guest is Lacey Von Erich! The daughter of the legendary Kerry Von Erich and former TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion made a LOTR appearance back in May of 2011 (I’m unsure if she’s been back since then). While she may not be the strongest of names, she’s certainly an intriguing (and rare) appearance.

Tickets for LOTR XXI are on sale now. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to attend back they are projected to sell out (as they did last time).