Thoughts on WWE Re-Signing Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler remains with WWE

Hey now.

Some pretty big news broke earlier today: the WWE has come to terms on a multi-year deal with Dolph Ziggler according to Mike Johnson of PW Insider.

It appeared that Ziggler would depart for the WWE and rumors of his next destination took the internet by storm. Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Lucha Underground, and even Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling reportedly had interesting in in the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

My take: I really like Ziggler and I think there’s still time to turn him into a major, major superstar but it needs to happen sooner rather than later. He’s tremendous in the ring, has a great look, and the support of the fans (although that seems to be waning with the internet crowd).

Fans desperately want a new face of the company and many believe Ziggler could be that guy. It’ll be interesting to see what the WWE has in store for him. Did they re-sign him with the intention of giving him a monster push? Or did they sign him out of pure desperation for not wanting to lose another ring general? Hopefully it’s the former option.

Ziggler could be money and the WWE needs to capitalize on him. Frankly, apart of me is a little disappointed that he’s staying because his tour of the Indy’s would’ve been off the charts awesome. A disgruntled Dolph Ziggler with zero restrictions in the ring? Yeah, that would’ve been phenomenal.

Either way, the WWE is still King of the Land in Sports Entertainment (by default more so than actual merit) and Dolph can be a mega star if the company fully backs him. Here’s hoping we’ll see The Reign of Dolph within the next few years.

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