Thoughts Following Cena/Owens – SPOILERS

Hey now.

WWE Battleground ended nearly two hours ago and it did not end without controversy. The Undertaker is back, Seth Rollins is still WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Charlotte made Brie Bella submit to the Figure 8, and…


John Cena defeated Kevin Owens. Actually, Cena made Owens tap out to his STF after the two tore the house down for well over 30 minutes. There seems to be two different points of view regarding the finish of this match:

Owens still looks strong because it was a hell of a match and he gave it all he can


Cena simply buried Owens and made himself look like Superman once again.

I don’t think Cena buried Owens. And I won’t be foolish enough to say that Owens’ loss is now the end all, be all of his career. I’m confident he’ll have a successful career in the WWE because the guy is flat out talented and he demands to be noticed.

That being said, however, I’m very disappointed with the finish of this match and I think the WWE has completely blown a tremendous feud. Seriously, think about how awesome it would’ve been had Owens passed out while locked into the STF. Cena wins but Owens never tapped out and he was never pinned. This sets up the ultimate match at Summerslam where Owens defeats Cena – cleanly – for the United States title in front of the smarkiest crowd in all of the land.

Instead, Owens tapped out. He submitted to the mighty Cena. He’s now lost back to back matches against Superman after defeating him cleanly in their first encounter.

Just silliness. What incentive do I, as a fan, care about Owens challenging Cena for the title once again? His first win looks like a fluke after back to back losses to Cena. Plus, he no longer deserves a re-match. He’s lost twice in a freaking row!

Sure, they can have him accept the Open Challenge tomorrow and have him absolutely demolish Cena because he’s all angry but, in my opinion, that’s not nearly as satisfying to the alternative presented to them.

UPDATE: Dolph Ziggler Has NOT Re-Signed with WWE

Dolph Ziggler remains with WWE
Dolph Ziggler has NOT re-signed with WWE

Hey now.

A few days ago, it was reported that Dolph Ziggler had signed a multi-year contract to remain with the WWE. Unsurprisingly, that doesn’t appear to be true.

On this afternoon’s Chad Dukes Versus The World radio show, Ziggler revealed his contract is set to expire and he may leave the WWE for good:

“I’m thinking about it right now.  I had a request for an upcoming contract that would end a few months from now, maybe two or three months from now, and they requested back what they would like, I countered another offer and we’re waiting to finalize some things.  I love WWE and I can’t picture myself wrestling somewhere else but it’s also becoming now where that Wednesday and Thursday, I can’t just do that and get some outside live events for comedy and different movie and television options, which would only be to promote myself as a WWE superstar, to make myself a bigger star so I can advance more in WWE.  So if I can’t find that happy medium, I might have to go away for a little bit. What I wanna do is make myself a bigger asset to WWE.  If it involves leaving, that would crush me but it might.”

Personally, I hope Ziggler leaves. He’s a tremendous talent and I’m not confident he’ll ever reach the heights he deserves while with the WWE.

Thoughts on WWE Re-Signing Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler remains with WWE

Hey now.

Some pretty big news broke earlier today: the WWE has come to terms on a multi-year deal with Dolph Ziggler according to Mike Johnson of PW Insider.

It appeared that Ziggler would depart for the WWE and rumors of his next destination took the internet by storm. Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Lucha Underground, and even Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling reportedly had interesting in in the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

My take: I really like Ziggler and I think there’s still time to turn him into a major, major superstar but it needs to happen sooner rather than later. He’s tremendous in the ring, has a great look, and the support of the fans (although that seems to be waning with the internet crowd).

Fans desperately want a new face of the company and many believe Ziggler could be that guy. It’ll be interesting to see what the WWE has in store for him. Did they re-sign him with the intention of giving him a monster push? Or did they sign him out of pure desperation for not wanting to lose another ring general? Hopefully it’s the former option.

Ziggler could be money and the WWE needs to capitalize on him. Frankly, apart of me is a little disappointed that he’s staying because his tour of the Indy’s would’ve been off the charts awesome. A disgruntled Dolph Ziggler with zero restrictions in the ring? Yeah, that would’ve been phenomenal.

Either way, the WWE is still King of the Land in Sports Entertainment (by default more so than actual merit) and Dolph can be a mega star if the company fully backs him. Here’s hoping we’ll see The Reign of Dolph within the next few years.

Mourning the death of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.

Dusty Rhodes and I at the Big Event Convention; March 7, 2015.
Dusty Rhodes and I at the Big Event Convention; March 7, 2015.

Hey now.

Today is a day of mourning. “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, an undisputed icon in the world of Professional Wrestling, has unexpectedly passed away at the age of 69. TMZ is reporting that Rhodes had take a fall inside his Orlando home and would pass away from “numerous complications.”

Rhodes was beloved by wrestling fans throughout the world. He was truly a pioneer in the business and will always be remembered for his fun, energetic ability inside the Squared Circle. Rhodes, a former three time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, had taken part in some of the greatest matches in wrestling history.

I just wanted to share an encounter I witnessed between Dusty and a particular wrestler from the last Big Event convention in March:

I wanted to share a quick story about Dusty from this past March at The Big Event convention.

I was fortunate to spot Dusty walking towards his signing table and I found myself near the front of what would be a fairly long line to meet “The American Dream.” While Dusty was signing, wrestlers from several different eras would come by and say their hellos to him. Jose Luis Rivera had a particularly long conversation with him.

The line was moving fairly quickly before it came to a grinding halt. All of a sudden, this gigantic brute stormed past everyone online rather obnoxiously. This man was Bubba Ray Dudley who proceeded to scream on the top of his lungs, “DUSTY RHODES! YOU ARE THE ONLY REASON I TOOK THIS BOOKING! BECAUSE I’M GONNA SIT NEXT TO YOU ALL DAY ‘AND TALK LIKE DIS IF YA WHEEEELLL!'” The place erupted with laughter and Dusty had such a genuine smile plastered on his face. You could tell all the wrestlers had so much love, admiration, and respect for him.

RIP Dusty. You’ll be missed greatly.

Thoughts on Samoa Joe…

Samoa Joe has arrived

Hey now.

Let’s talk about Samoa Joe. Throughout the past decade, “The Samoan Submission Machine” has been the subject of speculation amongst fans of Professional Wrestling. The question at hand was simple: would Joe ever step foot inside a WWE ring?

Many believed he ultimately would. Joe is extremely gifted inside the ring and the WWE would be foolish to ignore his talent. The WWE had inked CM Punk, Ring of Honor’s top star, to a developmental deal in 2005 and that brought hope that the WWE was interested in some of the bigger Indy names.

Others, however, didn’t share their confidence. Joe doesn’t have the chiseled look of a prototypical WWE “Superstar” and many were worried that he would be saddled with some lame gimmick (Umaga anyone?). The only Indy star who was allowed to keep his name and, more or less, his Indy gimmick was CM Punk. Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson, Kevin Steen, KENTA, El Generico…all stripped of the names (and in some cases gimmicks) that made them famous.

When Samoa Joe left TNA in February of 2015, the speculation of his WWE debut grew like wildfire. With the popularity of NXT and the WWE’s apparent intent on signing every top Indy star, this seemed like the perfect time. And yet it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen for a number of reasons: mainly his return to ROH and numerous Indy dates he was booked for throughout mid-summer.

And then NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable happened. Samoa Joe walked down the aisle, stepped into an NXT ring, and went nose to nose with Kevin Owens. He had finally arrived.

PW Torch is now reporting that Samoa Joe has inked a full-time deal with the WWE after his merchandise sales were “off the charts impressive.” As of yet, it’s unclear if Joe will be a long or short term member of the NXT roster.

That leads me to the point of today’s post: should Joe stay with NXT long term or should they call him up to the main roster?

There’s benefits to both. NXT is the hottest thing in Professional Wrestling and Samoa Joe would absolutely thrive there. It also allows him to work a more stable schedule, something that has to be appealing to a veteran of his status. Plus, the brand is in desperate need of a big presence after the injuries to Hideo Itami and Sami Zayn plus the apparent call-up of Kevin Owens to the main roster. Joe working with Finn Balor and Tyler Breeze could bring some us some epic, epic matches.

On the other hand, it would be cool to see Joe’s feud with Kevin Owens blossom on WWE television. I could totally see Joe costing Owens his second match against John Cena at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view later this month. I could definitely get on board with a summer revolving around Joe and Owens practically killing each other with power bombs, slams, and suplexes.

It’ll be hard for the WWE to mess this up. Joe’s stock, in my opinion, has never been higher because they have a lot of appealing options to work with. I’ll always hold my breath when it comes to the WWE but…this feels a little different.  Maybe I’m riding high on Owens’ success thus far but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.