UPDATE: Dolph Ziggler Has NOT Re-Signed with WWE

Dolph Ziggler remains with WWE
Dolph Ziggler has NOT re-signed with WWE

Hey now.

A few days ago, it was reported that Dolph Ziggler had signed a multi-year contract to remain with the WWE. Unsurprisingly, that doesn’t appear to be true.

On this afternoon’s Chad Dukes Versus The World radio show, Ziggler revealed his contract is set to expire and he may leave the WWE for good:

“I’m thinking about it right now.  I had a request for an upcoming contract that would end a few months from now, maybe two or three months from now, and they requested back what they would like, I countered another offer and we’re waiting to finalize some things.  I love WWE and I can’t picture myself wrestling somewhere else but it’s also becoming now where that Wednesday and Thursday, I can’t just do that and get some outside live events for comedy and different movie and television options, which would only be to promote myself as a WWE superstar, to make myself a bigger star so I can advance more in WWE.  So if I can’t find that happy medium, I might have to go away for a little bit. What I wanna do is make myself a bigger asset to WWE.  If it involves leaving, that would crush me but it might.”

Personally, I hope Ziggler leaves. He’s a tremendous talent and I’m not confident he’ll ever reach the heights he deserves while with the WWE.

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