Reviewing’s List of “100 Best Matches to See Before You Die”

Hey now.

For any of you who follow this blog, you’ve obviously noticed it’s heavily dedicated to autograph signings/conventions. That was intentional from the very beginning because, well, I love autograph signings/conventions damn it and I want to share with you guys my experiences as well as news/updates on upcoming conventions (mainly LOTR and Big Event).

But, I also promised to review vintage PPV’s – something I’ve gotten a head start on months ago. I’m ready to begin posting them but first…first, I want to tackle something else.

About a year ago, released a list of Best Matches to See Before You Die. This list was created to help all of you WWE Network subscribers watch classic matches you may not know about. Or, in my case, revisit and relish in their greatness all over again.

I’ve decided to to go through the list, watch, and review every single match. Look out for the first post soon! And, yes, I’ll be posting reviews of Pay Per Views in Chronological order. Look out for that page soon! Wish me luck!

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