Sgt. Slaughter Added to LOTR XXI Superticket!

Hey now.

The 2nd to last Superticket talent for Legends of the Ring XXI has been revealed:

Solid choice. That’s 11 revealed, 1 to go! By the way, less than 20 Supertickets remain. If you’re planning on attending LOTR and want to meet the majority of the S.T. talent then PLEASE invest in a Superticket (which includes admission!). You’ll be saving some dough.

Here is the S.T. lineup this far:

  1. Taz
  2. Vickie Guerrero
  3. Mike Rotundo
  4. Barry Windham
  5. Don Muraco
  6. Gerald Brisco
  7. Carlito
  8. George “The Animal” Steele
  9. Dan Spivey
  10. Lacey Von Erich
  11. Sgt. Slaughter
  12. ?

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