Drew Galloway Autograph Signing (7/18/15)

Hey now.

It was roughly 1 month since I last attended an autograph signing at the Wrestling Universe, so I was obviously eager to return and meet another wrestler. And I’m very glad that wrestler was Drew Galloway!

The signing started at 3:00 PM and I arrived at the Universe at roughly 3:50 to find a small line, which was a bit surprising. As it turns out, there was a group of people who decided to meet him together and that’s what caused the very small backup. No biggie!

After about 10-15 minutes of waiting, it was my turn to meet Galloway and I was immediately taken aback with how tall he was! Of course, he was equally impressed with my height – I’m 6’5 – and he commented that I was a “big fella.” That I am, Drew.

We shook hands and he signed his entry in the WWE Encyclopedia, Vol. 2. We then posed for this picture:

Drew Galloway and I

Funny that he wanted to do the “Too Sweet” pose.

All in all he was a GREAT guy and I recommend meeting him, readers!

Next signing: Daniel Bryan this Wednesday (7/23) at Bookends in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

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