Superticket for LOTR XXI is SOLD OUT! Limited G.A. Remains!

Hey now.

Big news from the Legends of the Ring camp:

A sellout was to be expected considering it’s stacked lineup, which includes:

  1. Taz
  2. Vickie Guerrero
  3. Sgt. Slaughter
  4. Gerald Brisco
  5. Don Muraco
  6. Dan Spivey
  7. Barry Windham
  8. Mike Rotundo
  9. Carlito
  10. George “The Animal” Steele
  11. Lacey Von Erich
  12. Maven

Also, it looks like they are near a sellout for General Admission. They sold out in advance for their last show and they made it VERY clear no tickets would be sold the day of the event. Now is the time to make the decision, folks: are you going or not

They also have limited “talent tickets” available. Those tickets are extra autographs or photo ops for Superticket holders or tickets to meet individual Superticket talent for G.A. ticket holders. I’m not exactly sure how they’re close to selling out of those – I had no clue there was even a limit – but start ordering! Better to be late than never.

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