Meeting Gunner & Samuel Shaw at The Wrestling Universe

Hey now.

Another signing at the Wrestling Universe, this time a duel signing with two former competitors of Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling – Gunner & Samuel Shaw. I was actually offered a ride to the signing, which was much appreciated. A car ride > a bus ride + subway ride + LIRR Ride.

Anyways, the signing began at 1:00 PM and I arrived closer to 2:00 PM. There was only one other person ahead of me when I arrived at the store and, before I knew it, it was my turn. Gunner and Shaw greeted me with friendly hellos and handshakes; both were REALLY nice guys. Here’s pictures of them signing their respective entries in the TNA Program Vol. 7 (2014).

Gunner signing his entry in TNA Program Vol. 7 (2014).
Samuel Shaw signing his entry in TNA Program Vol. 7 (2014)

Funny story: as Shaw was signing his entry, Gunner looked over and said “Man, can you believe Sanada is a big deal over in Japan? He’s like the number one guy there!” and Shaw laughed and said, “Really?!?” I don’t know if Gunner’s claim is actually true but they both seemed genuinely surprised at his success.

Here’s what their signatures. I would’ve preferred if Gunner hadn’t personalized it but it’s no biggie. Also, it looks like Shaw’s sharpie was running low as the signature came out a little dull.

Gunner autograph
Samuel Shaw autograph

Overall, very successful day!

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