Year in Review: January

oa20162016 started off very modestly. My first (and only) meet in the month of January was someone I had met just two months prior at Big Event IX: The Sandman. Despite this being a repeat meet, this turned out to be one of favorites of the year. 

January 16

The Sandman

Wrestling Universe, Queens, NY

My first meet of 2016 was a very humorous one. I headed to the Wrestling Universe to meet “The Hardcore Icon” The Sandman. I met him at Big Event IX but it was very rushed (he was part of TMART’s Superticket, which was chaotic). I had a piece I wanted him to sign: a Barely Legal DVD cover that had previously been signed by Taz.

I walked into the Universe around 1:30 PM and went straight to the back room. Sandman was sitting down talking to the infamous Eric Simms. He sees me, his eyes go wide and he says, “WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY?!?! JESUS CHRIST, YOU WORK FOR VINCE?!” Sandman was referring to my height (I’m 6’5). It was absolutely hilarious!


He shook my hand, took the DVD cover and signed it before getting his cane. “Alright, I gotta stand in front of this mother fucker because he’s so tall! Normally I stand behind you!” We took the pic and he smiled at me, shook my hand, and off I went. I like the pic but the room’s poor lighting takes away from it a bit. Not the end of the world.

Here’s what I had him sign:


And here’s the DVD cover with the Taz signature:


Tomorrow, we’ll look back at the month of February!

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