Year in Review: February


February was ultimately similar to January: one meet & greet for the entire month; however, this one was very different because I met *two* wrestlers instead of one! Who? Let’s look back. 

February 20

Finn Balor & Bayley 

iPlay America, Freehold, NJ

My friend Erik & I arrived to iPlay America bright and early to meet the (at the time) NXT Champion and NXT Women’s Champion: Finn Balor and Bayley.


We arrived at iPlay at around 9:00 AM to a decent line outside. First and foremost, I was a fan of how iPlay organized this line. It was almost militant! They had a security guard barking out instructions, which were helpful and logical, but also felt like I was in jail.

V.I.P.’s were brought in first. Our tickets were scanned and we were given wristbands before being admitted into a large event room in a VERY orderly fashion.

I did have one complain, though: they allowed standing photo ops for people WITHOUT a VIP ticket! If you’re VIP, you should get the absolute best and a standing pro photo op > behind the table pro photo op. I’m afraid I don’t understand iPlay’s logic here.

Anyways, the event room was huge and they had a live DJ to entertain us. They even played Finn’s match vs. Samoa Joe at TakeOver: London and Bayley’s 30 Minute Ironman match vs. Sasha Banks. It was awesome

Me with the Champs

They line moved fairly quickly and eventually it was my turn. I handed off my NXT Program to one of the employees and then approached the table. Bayley gave me a high five and I Too Sweet’ed Finn, who responded with, “Too sweet, Bro!” Finn signed my program and it came out AMAZING. Bayley’s was a standard sig.

Here is what I had autographed:






Thanks for reading! Tomorrow is a big one: the month of March and Big Event X!

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