In Memory of Nick

Good afternoon,

There’s so much to love about this hobby. It allows you opportunities to meet your heroes, the greats of the wrestling business, talent you’ve always been fans of.

It’s an opportunity to get your favorite action figure signed or take your dream photo with your favorite wrestler.

But one of the more underrated aspects of this hobby are the fellow hobbyists you meet. These are people with the same interests as you and they come from all walks of life, all over the world, to partake in the same convention or autograph signing as you. I’m blessed to say I’ve meet some incredibly nice people through this hobby.

One of those friends, Ron, contacted me on Christmas Eve to complement  June’s Year in Review. He specifically told me that he and his best friend Nick had attended that month’s Legends of the Ring, one of the better wrestling conventions of the year.

He then shared some sad news: Nick had passed away about a month after the show.

Nick loved wrestling and he loved this hobby. Sadly, I never had an opportunity to meet Nick – most of you probably haven’t either – but I still genuinely feel for his loss. He was someone who loved what we loved and, by the sound of it, he seemed like a tremendously nice guy.

You will be missed, Nick. May you forever rest in peace. Something tells me you’re meeting all the greats that have left us far too soon.


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