Details for tonight’s Becky Lynch signing

I just stopped off at the Barnes and Noble on 97 Warren Street in Manhattan, NY, and picked up a copy of  BOOM’s WWE Volume 1 Graphic Novel. You get a wristband to meet Becky Lynch with the purchase of this book. Included was a flyer with all of the info you’ll need IF you are participating with this event:



  • We are only able to distribute one writstband per customer. You cannot purchase books or pick up extra wristbands for your friends unless they are present with you. If you are a parent/guardian: you may purchase the number of books equal to the number of minors you are attending the event with, and will receive wristbands for them as well as yourself
  • Once you get your wristband feel free to explore the city! We will start bringing fans inside the store to line up at 4 PM. If you would like to line up beforehand, please do so on Warren Street. We cannot accommodate everyone inside the store before 4 PM.
  • Talent will sign one additional item. This can be either another copy of the book, or a piece of memorabilia. Please chose one or the other.
  • There will be a bookseller or member of the publishing team helping to take lean-over the table shots of fans with Becky. Due to the number of fans expected, we cannot stop for posed photos. Please have your camera or cellphone out and ready to pass off to a team member. We have been asked that no video be recorded.

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