Meeting a Lass Kicker

This was a “game time decision.” I start work at 10:00 AM, which is the time Barnes and Noble on Warren St. opened and the time they would start distributing wristbands with the purchase of this new WWE Graphic novel. I decided to pack my WM 32 Program and see if I could pick up a wristband during lunch and, much to my delight, I was able to score a wristband!

The signing started at 6, which is when I get off work, so I was going to be about 15 minutes late. A friend of mine made it before I did and told me there was hardly any line, which was sort of surprising. He was actually inside the store before 5:30! Becky got there early to do some promotional stuff for WWE, which had a camera crew with them.

I got to the store around 6:15, went inside, and was directed to the back corner of the store which was kinda hidden from the rest of the store. Security checked my wristband and directed me to the line, which was MUCH shorter than I expected. I’d say there was about 150ish people in front of me?

Anyway, the line went fairly slow because Becky was taking time with everyone. By the time I got to her, it was just after 8:10. She couldn’t have been any nicer! She truly was one of my favorite meets. She signed the comic and my WM 32 Program, took a pic (she leaned over for everyone), and I was out the store by 8:14.

Stress free signings are the best and this was a no-brainer signing. I HIGHLY doubt they even managed to draw the 300 people, which is kinda surprising.

Up next: Jinder!



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