Details for tonight’s Jinder Mahal signing

I just picked up my wristband from the Stubhub store to meet the WWE Champion himself…Jinder Mahal. I still cannot believe he’s Champ but, hey, that’s the wrasslin’ business for you. Jinder seems like a really nice guy and I’m super happy for him. Anyways, here are the details for tonight’s signing:

  • Wristbands are being distributed NOW at the StubHub store, located right on the corner of W39th and Broadway. The wristbands are numbered and limited to 300 (I’m number 79).
  • Lineup begins at 6:00 PM; signing starts at 7:30 PM
  • Jinder will sign one item – your own item or a “mat” provided by StubHub/WWE – and will take one photo on YOUR camera

See you guys tonight!

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