2018 Year In Review, Part IV: October – December

We’ve reached the end of my year end review and, I have to say, I’m a little disappointed over some relatively quiet months that I had – though I did manage to meet two of the biggest stars in pro wrestling in back to back months. Check it out:


October saw THREE major events, the first being New York Comic Con! I struck out at last years NYCC but this year would be quite different.


Highlights include: Meeting two of my childhood crushes in Trash Stratus and Danielle Fischel (better known as Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World). I also met sci-fi novelist Peter David.

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Up next was perhaps my biggest wrestling meet: The Face that Runs the Place himself…Mr. John Cena. The Doctor of Thugamonics was doing a signing for his new children’s book, Elbow Grease, and…woof. What a line!

Highlights include: Meeting Cena though the wait nearly broke me.

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Legends of the Ring 27 was up next and, as usual, was a fun time. Complete list of wrestlers I met include: Tony Garea, Drago, Rene Young, Christopher Daniels/Kazarian/Scorpio Sky, Sinister Minister, Jacques Rougeau, Ray Rougeau, Pat Tanaka, Paul Diamond, Beverly Brothers, Bob Backlund, Harley Race, Eli Drake, Moose, Matt Sydal, Ted DiBiase, VIRGIL, Sid, and Kevin Nash


Highlights include: Watching a BIZARRE interaction between a lady and Harley Race (spoiler alert: awkward makeout occured).

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November began with a top, top want of mine: “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega.


Highlights include: Omega could not have been any nicer and it was truly an honor meeting one of the best wrestlers in the world today.

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The very next day was the Big Event XV — and what a great convention! Full list of meets include: Norman Smiley, Charly Caruso, Goldust, Eve Torres, Barry Horowitz, Funaki, Jimmy Valiant, Pat Patterson, Chief Jules Strongbow, Zeus, Iceman King Parsons, Samu, Col. Rob Parker, Bunkhouse Buck, Scarlett Bordeaux, and the Elite.


Highlights include: Seeing Holidead step on Tony Atlas’ face, the Elite photo op, and all the sweet autographs!

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Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Sorry, guys, but a new year is starting and it will be a fruitful one….

I hope!

As we countdown to 2019, I hope you’ll stop by the blog tomorrow morning as I reveal my Top 10 favorite autographs and photo ops from 2018!

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