Greg Gange cancels Big Event 18 appearance

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Via Eric Simms:

I am saddened to announce that due to a real life medical emergency ( gall stone attack ) that Greg Gagne appearances this weekend at big event and Wrestlefest 2 are unfortunately canceled/ postponed to a future date. His doctor has advised him not to fly for fear of a future gall stone attack which could land him back in the hospital.

What does this mean for all those that participated in pre sales.

1. Exchange for killer bees or mr hughes

2. Greg has agreed to sign the photos that i have for him. If you really want an autograph and trust me to get the pictures to him in a timely fashion so he can sign them and return it to me in a timely fashion we can do that.

3. I can refund your money at my table at the event that your going to.

In any case you will be taken care of and not to worry.

When you book the golden era guys of the 70s and 80s you run the risk of last minute medical issues as they are older and health issues arise.

Thank you for understanding and lets have a great weekend of shows

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