Chuck Palumbo cancels Big Event 18 appearance due to Coronavirus

Another Big Event 18 attendee has pulled out due to concerns of the Coronavirus outbreak:

Big Event 18 Update: I’ve got some unfortunate news to report. Chuck Palumbo will NOT be in attendance at the Big Event tomorrow. I received this text message this am
“Nick, I’ve been trying to weigh out this trip with the Coronavirus thing.

After speaking with my family, I decided to pass on the trip. Between the 12 hours of flight time, and all of the people we will contact during the convention/signing I don’t want to take the risk.”

I have been trying to work on a reconciliation throughout the entire day involving a flight change and/or additional compensation and neither was able to change the fact that Chuck will not be able to make it tomorrow. All of my other guests INCLUDING Pat Tanaka will be there however.

Customers who purchased Chuck items will be able to use that for credit tomorrow for other guests or be refunded in full on Monday am.

I apologize for the inconvenience and will do my best to get Chuck rescheduled (for the 3rd time!) for another show this year.

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