Big Event 19 announced for November 14, limited Admission Fast Passes available; several guests announced

The Big Event will return to the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel for its 19th installment on November 14, 2020. Let’s get to some key points:

  • Big Event is selling limited Admission Fast Passes that include an autograph from the Boogeyman. These bad boys are limited to only 100 customers and are currently on sale for $40 (plus change). Big Event claims these passes are nearly sold out. You can purchase the Fast Pass here.
  • Joining the Boogeyman at Big Event 19: Mantaur (Damage365 Radio), Hardcore Holly & Sunny (Fan City Sports), Zeus (Big Event NY), and Matt Morgan, Celeste, & Amy Webber (Glamour Under the Stars)
  • The Pre-Order page will return shortly!

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